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Monday, August 5, 2013

What ever happened to the real America? Beauty Queen accused of being a mad bomber when really she is just what once was a normal 18 year old

The people who run this country are idiots.
Click Here to read about a Utah pageant winner who made water bottle bombs and has now had her life ruined.

Note what the dumb ass fire department spokesman had to say, "a person could lose a hand," really... The fire department spokes man certainly could never loose his head, it is so far up his arse...

"Yes those small pieces of aluminum foil really do smart! I suppose wouldn't really feel it over the pain from the acid in your eyes though," says Budd E. Shepherd who may or may not have experimented with such devices hypothetically many years ago.
"They can do a great deal of damage to property," Mecham told KSL-TV. "They can sever limbs. They can even kill people."
The problem is when people in authority just out and out lie to you about the little things then kids tend to disbelieve them on the big things.
There is no way you would sever an arm with a plastic water bottle filled with swimming pool cleaner and aluminum foil. It is a very slow reaction. It blows up because it over pressurizes the plastic water bottle. It does this slowly and you pretty much have time to get out of the way.  I will say (hypothetically) that you should never roll one up behind your small employee when he is changing a tire. You may (hypothetically) injure yourself laughing when he hypothetically poops himself.
Of course any idiots knows you should not throw them at people because you could get acid in their eyes and because it might make them poop their pants. They will not start a fire. I'm not sure how you could possibly sever a limb. If you held one in your hand really tightly and stared at the cap it could put your eye out when the cap blew off and cover you in dilute acid. That would be bad.
The only way it would kill anyone is if you shoved it up your ---. Of course that could have happened on the West Coast...
And of course the kids have to get in trouble. It is an incredibly bad idea to drive around and throw acid bombs at people. That is of course why kids are tempted to do such things. This calls for a slap on the wrist an community service or an essay or a spanking from dad-(oops that's not allowed anymore!) Or even kicked out of the pageant. However, the kid becomes another victim of the government when she gets an arrest record for doing something silly at age 18.
The adults in the country are so pathetic. How did they get this way? Good gracious, these are people my age. I did all sorts of crazy things and I'm still alive. I reckon my kid and nephews will as well. I will certainly act upset but will spend my last cent on a lawyer if they are subjected to the hysterics of law enforcement. 
Now filling a chunk of pipe with black powder, lighting the fuse, and throwing it through a window is a whole different story...That is incredibly dangerous and you should be in trouble.
 AND I am not telling any kids about when my friend and I nearly blew up the neighbor's cows... (We were wearing hard hats, should have been wearing ear protection)


  1. no. no you're gonna tell us exactly how you nearly blew up the neighbor's cows. let's hear it.
    *pulls up chair and waits*

    1. Um, well... They were overly curious and sort of gathered around and there were some problems with the overly complicated ignition system.

    2. yes i see... hum.... i've heard that curiosity kills the cow.

  2. We made rockets, bombs, homemade contact explosives like Nitrogen triiodide(stable when wet, that one was especially fun to paint under toilet seats in high school), and various other things that were loads of fun in the early 60's.
    All illegal now. Soon they will outlaw whoopee cushions. Ah....the good old days.

  3. The Russians, Chinese and A-rabs must all be laughing their _sses off to see us worried about soda bottles as our finances and national security crumble around us.

  4. If you think this raises response just imagine how the government feels about your criticism. Talk about acidic...

    Grace and peace.


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