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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

I am not so sure about the new year.
Last night we went to visit some friends. They jump off their chairs to welcome the new year. We didn't. Later, I thought perhaps that was rude. We should have joined in. Plus it would have brought us good luck.
We had a very good desert. I forgot the name of it. It is a little round ball like a doughnut hole and you up jelly and white sugar on it.
Today I forgot to eat my lunch. I wanted to put my drill at the shed down the road and discovered two low tires and several dry bearings and one thing led to another and it was 2 p.m. My wife and daughter went to make new year's cookies with her family. Little did I know they would not bring me any...
I had planned to take dad into town for lunch but he had already had something by the time I remembered I was hungry.
I was going to get a burrito at the deli (they make their own) but the deli was closed. So I went to the Mexican cafe. I can never remember the name. I think it is Camino something or other.

The special was pork chops with a mild red sauce and rice and beans. I try to never spend more than $6 for lunch but I did splurge of the $10 special and  a $1.50 cup of coffee. It is good coffee.
I was the only one there at 2 p.m. Her family was there and the kids were playing and laughing.
The pork chops were sliced very thin and tasted more like a ham steak than your usual pork chop. The red sauce was full of onion slices and more tangy than hot.
I ordered the corn tortillas which came covered with a nice embroidered cloth covering them.
It was really quite good. The red sauce didn't taste so much like it came in the 55 gallon drum from the ACME Restaurant Supply Company and I liked that. The owner has taken to putting a little greenery on the plate. Usually diced cucumbers and tomatoes or green peppers. It is a nice touch, especially with her salsa which is amazing. She makes it herself and it doesn't always taste the same, but it is always good. Sometimes it will make my bald head sweat a little but that is ok.
For dessert she brings out a small flat pastry (which I can never remember the name of and I'm too lazy to google it) with whipped cream on it. Today it had Christmas colored red and green sprinkles on it. It goes good with the coffee. She always brings me a cup of cream to go with the coffee and I almost never use it.
She was pretty happy today. Of course she usually is happy. I gave her a good tip.
Then I went home and sold some chicken feed.

After that I took care of the recycling.

It is kind of fun to shoot the old starting fluid cans with the .22 when the fire is blazing recycling process is going on behind them. I am doing my best to bring on a heatwave through Global Warming but this year I think I'm falling a bit behind.
I should have taken my daughter. It is a parent's responsibility to encourage anti-social behavior recycling at a young age.
Save the Planet Jr! Or is that something else?


  1. Eleven looks a little shaky alright. Elder care, 4.5 degrees F, and a forty mile wind straight out of Alberta pretty much sum it up. Celebrated with a Scottish seafood chowder based on smoked salmon, cod, scallops and the secret ingredient two cups of Amity dry Gewurztraminer 1995 that had started to ferment. Might be a good year to do something interesting with fire arrows.

  2. I worry about you guys sometimes. But then, you're way out there, and I'm clear back here, so maybe I'm safe as long as you don't swing by on your way to Washington!

  3. Had to smile at the "planet junior" reference Budde. Not too many non-ag types would get that one. I have a little of your kind of re-cycling to do today too. I find I have a lot more of that to do since the local post office stopped putting a garbage barrel out for all the advertising flyers that stuff our mailboxes..

  4. The wife and I saw the new year in. Opened the front door and watched the neighbors fireworks. Then went to bed. Nice and quick, no cleanup or recycling required.
    I don't usually eat unless I am hungry also. About a meal per day keeps me going.
    The meal sounded pretty good. It's been a long time since I known a big tipper. Glad I know one now.
    Happy new year again, if I hadn't said it already. You and Doonesbury I read every day. Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading.


  5. Collieguy, your dinner sounded better than mine!

    Gorges, we are harmless to anyone but ourselves!

    Ralph, I think of the Planet Jr. every time I hear someone say save the Planet. I intended the sentence to say, "Save the Planet-Junior" in a pun on the planter and the younger generation. Don't think it really worked. Glad you got the Jr. reference!

    Bobby,Thanks for your comments and encouragement. We also had enough explosions in the neighborhood that I have not had to bring out my own supply. I have heard that the airburst stuff is illegal-yet they light up the sky every 4th of July and every New Year!
    I am not always a big tipper, only when the occasion seems correct! I believe you should be generous when you need to be-but kind of tight the rest of the time!


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