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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am not a mechanic

Perhaps I have mentioned this before...
I suppose I should ask for help on NewAgTalk but I'll just figure it out myself.
I'm pulling the engine on the 2-155 so we can work on the three-speed. There is a process for pulling the engine on a White tractor. The White has a short shaft which goes through the three-speed and connects to the transmission. The problem is that the shaft can stick in either the engine drive hub or in the transmission hub. There is a little plug that you remove and you screw this special tool which is supposed to lock the shaft so it disconnects from the engine hub. It doesn't work.
There is another problem. I don't have a chain host where I am working now so I am going to use a loader tractor or a hay squeeze to pull the engine.
After studying the situation I decided that there was enough room to slide the engine forward on the mounts and if the shaft sticks in the engine hub I will slide the engine back, reconnect the three speed and remove the whole thing as one unit.
So I blocked up the three speed, removed the bolts around the bell housing and the motor mount bolts and I slid the engine ahead with a strategically place pry bar. In the process I removed the fuel tank. I always forget how to get the fuel tank in and out. There is a special trick.
It actually worked. There was just enough room.

Tomorrow I will get a loader and pull the engine.
I like tinkering, wiring up switches, doing interesting things, building stuff on my drill, fooling with baler knotters, I don't like doing real mechanical work... Or getting dirty.


  1. I used to really enjoy tearing into an engine or transmission overhaul. I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I used to but I enjoy it more than writing a big check to the dealer for said work and then finding that they either botched the job in a big way, or just the little crap like leaving hydraulic fittings loose so they seep all over and are impossible to find without spending half a day pressure washing the tractor.

    So we continue to do most of our mechanical work ourselves.

  2. Orin, Well it would have gone a little better if I would have done a better job of pressure washing it.
    I just could not see paying someone $90 an hour to learn how to work on a White tractor.
    I am a little worried I will screw it up or I will miss some problem. I should pull the pan while I have the engine out but I don't have a good engine stand and I really don't want to do it. The front seal is leaking a bit.
    I need to find a parts tractor.

  3. Good luck with it Budde. I hate getting my hands greasey and oily too, even more so when its only 10 degrees in my shed like yesterday. I do some machinery repairing here on the farm too. Having a brother who is a qualified heavy duty mechanic on call when I get into trouble is a huge resource for me.

  4. you may not be a qualified mechanic but i can see that you are a problem solver and that special talent can take you a long ways in anything you do.

  5. Sounds to me like you a very good mechanic. May not be your favorite thing to do but clearly you very resourceful in solving problems.

  6. The worst part of the job for me is cleaning years of rock hard grease mixed with clay and getting splashed in the face with it from the pressure washer in near freezing weather. And somehow during all this, the water always seems to find it's way into places meant for oil.
    Pulling an engine is never fun, it's got to be hard work to do on a tractor. You have my sympathy.


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