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Monday, January 10, 2011

Can cows walk down stairs?

I was watching Sesame Street this morning and Super Grover was called to rescue a cow which had walked up the steps into the beauty parlor. After getting her hair done, she discovered she could not walk down the stairs.
Hi-Jinks ensued...In which we discovered the cow could not dance down the stairs, she was a heifer not a hoofer.
After several failed attempts Super Grover came up with a ramp! (a flat surface that goes from low to high or high to low)
The cow was able to exit the beauty parlor and all was right in the world.
The question is, Is it true that cows can't walk down stairs?
I did an internet search and my results were inconclusive.
Curious minds need to know!


  1. I guess the answer is yes! I was going to wait until the wife wasn't home to do an experiment, but fortunately I found this on utube:

  2. Well,, apparently cows can walk down stairs. I was going to say not. Hopefully none of mine will ever get into a situation where they have to walk down stairs.

  3. Chopper the Bull Calf Proves Cows Can Walks Down Stairs On Porch

  4. I've noticed they can get into trouble if you leave laundry, shoes, and squeaky toys on the stairs. And they really don't like shag carpet.

    If they go down a flight and do it right, do you have to tip them?

  5. Thank God for the internet! Otherwise I might have went out and tried it myself. 'Course I wouldn't have gotten the idea if not for the internet, so there you are.

  6. Another shining example of why we need the First Ammendment! In some countries we wouldn't be allowed to discuss such "weighty" subjects. Kinda makes ya proud; don't it?

  7. I am not convinced. That is not much of a flight of stairs. I was a little surprised he didn't take the croquet set with him. He seemed interested.
    Collieguy, someday the TSA will arrest you for trying to board a plane with a loaded pun!

  8. Super Grover 2.0 said heifer!!!! LOL!!!!

  9. So we are just going to sit here and talk about cows walking down stairs but not the fact Grover said "your a heifer not a hooker" 😂


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