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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will someone buy my hay? Please?

I've got nothing to say but I have to keep the blog updated. Here is what is sort of bugging me...
I have seven semi-loads of hay to sell. Seven truckloads would be 8 blocks of hay per truckload with 56 bales per block and 110lbs per bale or 80 bales per block on the small bales and 80lbs per bale. That is one big pile of hay... I will take paypal and will ship UPS...


  1. Maybe you need to go into the straw (hay) building business, Budd. Or maybe you could advertise it as "green", organic attic insulation! (Shame ya can't claim "non-itch!)

  2. thefrumpyhousewifeJanuary 10, 2011 at 6:51 AM

    I think the shipping would cost more than the hay, otherwise I would buy it all!

  3. Gorges, I've got enough to build a subdivision...
    Frumpy, That is the problem. It is too expensive to ship non-compressed hay to other states. And too expensive to compress medium quality hay. It has to be absolutely perfect to have value.
    Actually, I would say it is really pretty nice hay. It has big timothy seed heads. But it fawn fescue in it which has bigger stalks.

  4. i got 500 bales of hay and around 300 of straw .. i am loooking to sell it all at once.. the lowest i would exept is 25k


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