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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Strange weather and adverse planting conditions

First it rained, then it was mud, now it is 70 degrees and Friday it will rain.
Here is the view out the window Monday-

This was yesterday-

This is what I did today.

Here is the last field I planted. This is not so good. I'm planting into corn stubble and it is too wet. I walked the field, farmer drove around in his pickup, but it doesn't crumble, it just slices. This is a silty clay riverbottom soil. It should dry out quicker. You can feel the silt between your fingers but it is still wet. 
I am very happy with my $20/row Air-Design scrapers. I would not be planting in these conditions without them. They have spring loaded carbide tipped blades that just peel the mud off the insides ove the v-openers.

I am now planting Geotze wheat at a 95lbs per acre. This Geotze is 63lbs per bushel so the drill will hold 2200lbs and I can plant 22 acres before filling up. It really speeds things up. But the ground is so wet I am only filling it half full.

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