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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Death of Country Music

 I don't know how to embed youtube videos in blog posts so you will have to click here and here to see this song performed live.
I heard it on the internet country and blue grass channel that I force the kids to listen to when there are here on Sunday afternoons.
Click on the links and look at the comments below the videos. Interesting.

Murder on Music Row Lyrics

(Larry Shell/Larry Cordle)

Nobody saw them running
From 16th Avenue
They never found the fingerprints
Or the weapon that was used
But someone killed country music
Cut out its heart and soul
They got away with murder
Down on music row

The almight dollar
And the lust for worldwide fame
Slowly killed tradition
And for that, someone shouldhang ("Ahh, you tell 'em Alan")
They all say "Not Guilty!"
But the evidence will show
That murder was committed
Down on music row

For the steel guitars no longer cry
And the fiddles barely play
But drums and rock 'n' roll guitars
Are mixed up in your face
Ol' Hank wouldn't have a chance
On today's radio
Since they committed murder
Down on music row

They thought no one would miss it
Once it was dead and gone
They said no one would buy them ol'
Drinkin' and cheatin' songs ("Oh, but I still buy 'em")
Well there ain't no justice in it
And the hard facts are cold
Murder's been committed
Down on music row

For the steel guitars no longer cry
And you can't hear fiddles play
With drums and rock 'n' roll guitars
Mixed right up in your face
Why the Hag wouldn't have a chance
On today's radio
Since they committed murder
Down on music row

Why they even tell the Possum
To pack up and go back home
There's been an awful murder
Down on music row


  1. Lotta truth there. What passes for country music these days is more akin to southern rock (my apologies to southern rock)!

  2. But then again what is country music? Who sits around and plays guitar and sings as a family?
    Or people moving from place to pace and expressing their frustration in song? Look what happened to black music, instead of something haunting and beautiful like blues or jazz we get harsh and violent rap music.
    What is there for poor rural white people? They don't know about redemption so they sing about sin? Well, not really, they just sing about sex and stupidity. Billy Ray Cyrus pimping his daughter?
    No wonder it is only songs about dogs and pickup trucks.
    There is no more poetry.
    It is de-evolution...

  3. Couldn't view the youtube video as I am still in dial up internet purgatory for my sins. But I like the lyrics you posted Budde. Seems to be the lines between music genres have been getting blurred and merging together has time passes or maybe I am just getting old and intolerant. For some real old time country music I can listen to my own family doing some cover versions of their favourite country tunes circa 1953. Its on youtube too.

  4. Ralph, Now that is pretty cool! Are all the videos posted by that fellow your relatives? Saw the combine one also.
    That is amazing to hear voices like that from the past. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Budde, in fact that fellow (roosty6) is me. And I have transferred some old home video/photos along with a little reel to reel tape recording to digital format in an effort to preserve it for future generations that may or may not appreciate it. Stay tuned, theres more to come if I ever get wireless high speed internet service at home. Its kind of a fun project for those cold winter days that are not fit to work outside.

  6. Ralph, Now that is pretty cool. I would like to transfer the family 8mm movies to digital. While we show 16 mm movies on the barn, I do not know where the family 8mm movies have gone.
    I will have to figure out how to do a better job of linking to youtube.
    Thanks for sharing!


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