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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh boy, a so-called Food Safety Bill. I'm sure this is a good idea...

In further Orwellian developments I see the Food Safety Bill is being debated by the senate. I wrote my senators and complained about it. Of course I did so at the last minute. So it won't do a lot of good.
I am afraid I end up sounding like a conspiracy theorist with my objections to the bill. I don't believe it is about food safety. I'm not real sure there is a problem with food safety in the USA. Sure there has been contaminated food but you can be sure that this bill will do nothing to prevent those outbreaks but will only react to things that have already happened.
There are to many definitions and to much leeway given to the judgment of the FDA and The Department of Homeland security, (Located in the Winston Smith Memorial Building). What in the world is the Dept. Of Homeland Security doing with an agriculture bill. Another freaking joke. The idea that the shoe bomber and underpants bomber terrorists are going to what, poison the water supply? Some other comic book inspired plot? Crap in a lettuce field to spread cholera? (oh wait, that already happens) Oh yeah, they will hijack a crop duster and spread anthrax on the tomatoes.
It doesn't even matter what the bill says, it gives the government more authority and you know that is bad. If you think such things are good ideas then take a ride on an airplane and have the TSA grope you...
Here is a description of the bill.


  1. MuddyValleyTractorTrapperNovember 18, 2010 at 9:41 PM

    couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. Well, of course it's good! It came out under Obama, what more could we ask for?

  3. The bill has a lot of bipartisan support. So I would say that big money really observes no party lines.
    I also think that Obama is more of a symptom than a cause. I have a lot of residual bad feelings towards Bush and establishment republicans.
    They way it should work is the liberals pull us one way and the conservatives calm things down. So the two groups play off each other and it all works out.
    When both groups conspire to increase the size of government and spend money then we are in trouble.
    After listening to people I wonder if Obama got in through the frustration vote.
    There needs to be a none of the above checkbox.

  4. He who would sacrifice personal freedoms for temporary security, deserves neither.
    Ben Franklin


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