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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A post for Ralph who suggested that people get stuck worse than I (actually he is right...)

My first field with the 2-155. Only six years ago! This is what happens if you don't get unstuck on the first pull. Meaning we started with too small a tractor.
I liked that drill better than the one I have now.

This is the photo that almost matches the one Ralph posted on this website:
 That is sure a nice Case you got stuck there Ralph. I sure did not want to give this one that I rented back. It did cost a little more than the 2-155 however.
This photo doesn't show quite how bad we are stuck. I am so far out in such a wet field that I didn't think we were going to get it out. Of course it is the drill that is buried. It got in a little deeper before it came out!


  1. Too dry here to get stuck! We are about 12 inches behind in rainfall.

  2. Great stuck pictures Budde. Too bad that contest is not open to those outside Sask. Maybe you'd win the big tow rope. Those stretchy nylon ropes are a real advantage. We borrowed a hundred footer to get my Magnum out of the mud in that photo. It worked so well that I bought one of my own this fall ready for the next time.

  3. That looks bad! I don't have any good tractor-stuck stories, but somewhere I have photos from an endurance ride on the north rim of the Grand Canyon in the month of October. It shows big horse hauling rigs stuck over their axels in mud. Following the mud, about 6" of snow fell. The elevation was near 7500 feet. We decided to leave while the ground was frozen and didn't get stuck. Those who waited to leave had to be towed out. National park personnel get really excited when you tear up their pristine meadows.

  4. Ed, you can have some of our rain. I need just one week of dry weather and I would be done for the year and that extra week of planting would be my profit for the year.
    Ralph, nice magnum by the way...
    Frumpy, smart move in getting out while the ground was frozen. Mud and snow and park personnel are probably not a good combination.


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