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Sunday, March 1, 2015

People who deserve a second look

My wife met an interesting fellow at a home and garden show. His name is Leo D. Mock and he has a book on compost. It is self published. He is having a hard time getting respect in the organic community.
The name of the book is "Compost by any other name, makes good dirt." I'd like to buy it but I have yet to purchase "Holy Shit," by Gene Logsden. Plus, I rarely get a book completely read anyway so I probably won't actually read it in full.
Perhaps one of my dear readers would check it out and give the guy a plug. He is quite sincere and a fellow who is passionate about soil.

In other news, my chicken raising friend, the Harlan Sanders of Red Prairie Road, has a gofundme page to save his farm. I tried to donate $5 but Safari on the iPhone went into an endless loop and I gave it up. I encourage you all to visit the page and donate a fiver. I believe strongly in trickle down economics, thank you very much...


  1. Unfortunately I find that most of the time I used to devote to reading is now wasted surfing the internet and facebook and other related things. Amazon did not give a review on the compost book. I could borrow it through the library but as you say, I'd probably never get around to finishing it.

    1. The fellow is having a hard time getting his book distributed. I suspect the composting/garden market is pretty saturated with books.

  2. $50.00/copy might have something to do with slow sales.


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