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Monday, March 2, 2015

So, the chickens didn't QUIT laying

Just opted for a penthouse suite in the haystack skyscraper apartment complex.

Movin' on up!


  1. One day you will find a hen setting on those eggs hoping to hatch chicks. Thats how mine did it.

  2. Yeah, Budd, I'm sure you'll think twice about eating any of them. lol

  3. Nothing like a batch of wasted eggs to set off your day!

  4. Now this is an interesting coincidence. I know diddly about raising fowl but today I found a clutch of eight duck eggs in a hole one of them has dug, this after many months of owning these three ducks and them never laying eggs (which is why I stopped looking). Are these going to be wasted (it's hot as hell here) or is she just getting enough together before sitting on them?

    1. Hippo, I've been enjoying the variety on your blog. Thanks for reading mine.
      The question of eating eggs found in a nest you didn't know was there is more of a philosophical question than scientific. Eggs do hold up pretty well.
      You know that folks in China have to bury them for like a hundred years to get them to rot.
      So the question is, which egg was laid first and which one is from yesterday? I recommend breaking them into a dish rather than into what you are making. Or, giving them to your neighbors.
      Ducks and chickens do like to sit on a nest of eggs. Once you find a nest you should not remove all the eggs because then they may find another spot. You mark the eggs you figure are the oldest and leave them in the nest. This way the fowl will keep returning. Since they can't count they will never realize that someone has been removing eggs and will keep coming back to the same nest.
      So, while I would not bet on the freshness of the eggs in the hole all is not lost. I'm sure Alex would be happy to test fire a few eggs at for "scientific research." And, now that you have found the secret spot, you know where the duck is laying and if you mark the old ones you can eat the fresh ones.

    2. Your answer is so obvious, I feel foolish, You can see why some are born to farming and some aren't! I think I shall leave them in the hope they will hatch, it would be nice to have a few more, especially if they start laying as well. At least it looks as though I will finally get a return for all that feed!

      I am glad you like the blog. I like your sometimes very dry humour (sorry, you are American, your humor)

    3. It was not a dumb question. It is a question we face when ever we find these secret egg deposits. Your first thought is to take them all and then you wonder which one are good. However, marking a few and leaving them in the nest so the duck thinks she has found a good spot is not the first thought that comes to mind. And now it is time to visit the bog and to fetch my kit. (I think I said I need to go to the lavatory and get ready to go to work.) These cultural exchanges are wonderful things! Hands around the world and all that!


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