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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My theory is that Aliens were responsible for the recent air disasters

If I were rich, or if I had access to lots of people, I would delight in manipulating public opinion. In fact when Collieguy is elected president I really want to be propaganda minister.
Read this article about the recent airplane crash.
Friends of the guy who crashed the plane claim he was framed to cover up mechanical failures in the plane.
My theory is mind control. He crashed the plane because there was an important US spy on the plane. But, I digress...
If you come up with a theory and you say it loudly and forcefully enough, and you repeat it frequently, someone will believe it. Then another person will believe it and then you have a movement. Especially if you have been eating prunes....
Off topic again...
My second strong opinion. Look at the inset about German privacy laws. We should have those laws. Anything reported in confidence to a therapist, Dr. or Clergy should be strictly protected by privacy laws. If you don't encourage people to talk about their problems, confess their sins, they will bottle it up and go nuts... Prosecution of potential crimes is making thought into crime.
The clergy/therapist/Dr. should encourage the person to turn themselves in, could have the option of reporting a crime if it is particularly horrible or you suspect lives will be endangered but you should also take the risk of a civil lawsuit if you are wrong.
For example, if you report a parent for child abuse and the kid was not abused, you and CPS should be open to a lawsuit.
Third, look at the headline on the inset, Privacy laws to protect Nazi's? Another direct attack on established personal liberty and privacy of citizens.
Forth, Aliens harvested the brains of the people on doomed airliner, has anyone found any brains? nope, is a coverup... Aliens are transplanting the brains of doomed airplane passengers and creating a invasion force of robot banjo players who have real human brains incased in a mechanical body. They will take over the world by playing incredibly depressing Bluegrass music over all the public radio stations. It is going to be brutal.
That is why I wear a stainless steel strainer on my head which is grounded to my Romeo slip on shoes. (I built it on the advice of a fellow blogger. Thanks, I've not seen an alien in at least a month, of course the voices I hear in my head at night could be from me leaving the shop radio tuned to KBOO and left on at night, or cats)


  1. Maybe you could be a guest on
    I listen to it most nights and it is a real mass of conspiracy theories. Some entertaining, some just annoying. Especially the ones about GMO.

    1. my favorite was when they were talking about mysterious goose die-offs in Oregon. It wasn't so mysterious. The winged rats ate mouse bait and died. Oh my did the poop hit the fan on that one!!!

  2. There is always the distinct possibility that the aliens have already taken over your mind. This would explain a lot of things. I suggest a gofundme campaign for help in removing the implant. You remember that day you thought you took a nap in that field when you were drilling seed? Well......

    1. Oh my, you have put the pieces together! There are other gaps as well. I bet that is where all my coffee cups went! Thanks Muddy. I will work on that go fund me campaign.

  3. i'm leaning toward aliens and all that airplane stuff..... absolutely. but remember i killed our mean turkey with my mind power so that could be a thing too.

    1. Please concentrate on me getting 1.2 million dollars. I will buy lots of stuff from Amazon though your website if I do.


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