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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taking a break

feel tired. It feels like I've been tired forever but I know it started a little before Christmas. (Well, it really started right before we left for Florida last year but that is another form of "weariness")
Part of it is my back. I need to do a "gofund me" page for an air ride seat.
I would probably go to the Dr. but I hear a lot of other people around me complaining of similar symptoms.
Probably the gubment spraying us again. I haven't see the sky trails but... Or radiation from Japan... Or my invisible duck is poisoning me...
Yesterday I sat down on the drill wallboard and stretched out my back. Must have sat there too long as the farmer I was working for came to check on me. I told him I was lazy. 
I charge by the acre not the hour.
Have a nice day... Or is it, get off my lawn...


  1. If I had to work 12 months of the year I would probably be tired too. With our winter I don't consider I have really worked much since November. Other than the odd day of frenzied activity thrown in it has been a pretty relaxed winter so far. I'd say "get off my lawn" but I really haven't seen it since November.

    1. I suspect it has to do with having half my hay production sitting in the barn in March, reports of low ryegrass prices, straw not moving due to the longshoreman strike, low oil pressure in my tractor.... Or it could be a lack of a winter break.

  2. you might need vit.d3 and b vitamin shots. i have to have one every month.
    just an easy blood test.

    1. Yeah, I need to be taking my vitamins. It is not lack of sun.

  3. My six year old kid and our new bikes did for my back! I woke up the day after our first ride together and wondered who the hell had given me such a good hiding during the night I couldn't bend down to pull my boots on.

    1. Last week I planted for a new farmer. He is probably in his early 20's. Ground is a little hard to find so you take what you can get. His first field is an extremely steep hillside. He wanted to show me some damp areas to avoid.
      The kid takes off at a brisk walk across the field and UP THE HILL. I didn't want to show I was an old fart and so away I went as well. I was a bit winded by the time I made it to the top. I told him if he killed off the planter guy he was going to have a hard time getting his field done. He seemed to have a sense of humor. I knocked a few dollars off my price. Nice to see a young person who works hard and has a good sense of humour. (note the correct spelling)

  4. "young person who works hard and has a good sense of humour". Yep, look where that got us.


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