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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Perhaps it is just the gauge

This was my oil pressure at 9 pm last night.

This is planting schedule for this week.
This is what happens when I actually need GPS to map a field and figure acres left so know how much seed to load.

This is a truck load of peas. 40 acres at 150lbs/acre.

This is the size of a $3 mocha at Amity Foods. I swear it was two scoops of Swiss Miss!

Note: posting with iPhone while waiting for diesel tank to fill. Thumb typing and random photos


  1. I can only say "What can I say."

  2. I thought at planting time you just sent out a load of natives with baskets to scatter the seed? Farming methods seem so unnecessarily complicated nowadays. Still, I suppose that's progress for you.

  3. Nothing like a top larger at the top coffee container on the dash to monitor directional stability, sudden change in vehicular velocity. Perhaps could be adapted to give a more cheerful oil pressure reading. Maybe each oil change should include about seventeen shots of espresso to bring the pressure up.

  4. So I'm not the only farmer with a vehicle without a cup holder. I had one in one tractor but took it out to make room for the GPS. . Priorities I guess.

  5. Low oil pressure readings are never a good thing! I suppose you could check it with a manual gauge, but the history of the tractor should tell you if its a gauge/ sender issue or if it is a "real" issue. Real issues are usually high $$ issues. Just hook something else to the drill. UTS........maybe


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