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Monday, March 23, 2015

I knock the neighbor's barn down

Last week I delivered a load of hay to the neighboring Dairy. It was quite the ordeal.
First I had to move all the boxes of feed and broken pallets of baler twine from in front of the stack of hay I sold to the dairy three months ago and never got around to delivering.
Then I had to find a motorized squeeze to load the 3 ton blocks (56 bales to a block) on the truck. Then I had to drive the truck and the squeeze to the Dairy.
Then I had to wedge the blocks into random spots at the dairy while dodging manure piles and holes in the concrete cover over the manure pit.
I knocked over a post holding up half the hay barn.
Jose was helping me but he turned away to answer a phone call and I was trying not to drive in the manure pit and didn't see that a bale was sticking out of the stack.
It hit the post and down came the barn with a loud crash.
The dairyman was not amused.
He came out and started swearing at me.
I said, "um Sorry? I you do realize I didn't do this on purpose..."
He swore some more....
And rather impolitely asked me why I hit his post.
"Um... I'm not very good at driving the squeeze?" said I.
Jose and I figured out how to lift the barn back up with the squeeze and the dairyguy used his tractor at the same time.
Jose then left. Thinks are bad if Jose leaves. I don't think he likes conflict.
This is the repaired post.
Note the three blocks of concrete holding it up....

This is an IMPROVEMENT over how it was supported before I hit it.
Have a nice day...
A friend of mine suddenly died. Perhaps I'll post about him. He was a very interesting fellow...


  1. I hope you were in a roll cage or wearing a helmet. That is a lot of roof to come down on your head.

    1. It came down on the block of hay I was putting in the barn. The picture was taken beside the squeeze.

  2. I think this is the first case I've heard of distracted directing, where the guy giving directions to the guy backing gets distracted by a phone call or text.

    I can only imagine that driving off into the manure pit would have been the worst disaster.

  3. At least you had a little exitement!

  4. Better the roof than you in the pit! Perhaps he will give you a tip for improving the roof support.

  5. That really a barn post? Looks more like the hair trigger of a really big box trap. He was just mad he caught you instead of a Sasquatch.


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