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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pea-ing in a Filbert Field

Yesterday I no-tilled peas between rows of newly planted filbert hazelnut trees.
It was going to be 25 acres but I didn't get there in time and all that was left was a ten acre triangle which was really only six acres when you deduct the tree rows.
The peas came in bulk 2000lb bags so there was a bit left over. 

I'm really glad the train didn't jump the track and explode. Probably not much danger of explosion with an empty lumber train.


  1. I'm a returned peas corps vol. I guess I should be helping you. Amity is kind of third world.

    1. Is that not sort of Pea-tentious coming from someone who lives in a place called "Muddy Valley?"

  2. Peas unto you. The California Expats have vineyard ated the valley. It is all very upscale here with grapes and alpacas, the wealthy version of Amway and pyramid scheming.


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