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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The rain (and other things) have already made me grumpy but I have a link to Dali on "What's my Line."

Yesterday I skinned my knuckles, I waited all day for someone to come after grain, I lied to my father about what happened to the cord for his computer, I got wet and muddy and I have to deal with important life decisions. I hate life decisions in general, it is hard enough answering the basic questions, if I should poop or go blind? And if I make the decision not to go blind, what then? Do I poop or get off the pot? Eventually that question will be answered for me as the MacBook just let me know I'm running on reserve power. I sometimes view that message more as a philosophic statement than a warning that the screen will go dark in a few seconds. No proof-reading this morning! Stream of consciousness baby!
At least the dog and the cats are happy we are home. The psycho kitty is running around the house with her ears pinned back. The mentally handicapped kitty has found a new box to sit in. Crazy Kat is still at  the Aunt's house. Which is I suppose, why psycho kitty is happily running around the house.
Yesterday I took "Lulu" to school. It was raining and dark. We imagined we were actually on our way to Beach Access 12.

We imagined the soft sand. We pictured building a sand castle. We were very happy when our friends from Florida showed up. Sadie went to play with the girl and boy while her tottery old dad sat down in a lawn chair. (I really like the people we visited in Florida. They made us feel very welcome even though we just kind of showed up at their house and family Christmas after not really talking to them in 20 years.)
But then we arrived at school...
For some reason this made me think of Mr. Dali.

We went to the Dali Museum in Tampa. But we did not view MuddyValley's work at the nearby church of which I have forgotten the name. We are a bunch of poopie-bottoms I suppose.
In many ways I think viewing the Dali museum was more fitting for us. I appreciate the Surrealists much more now than I did years ago when life seemed to make sense...Sort of like going to the "Mother Ship."

If you look closely we are wearing Dali pipe cleaner mustaches.

Like Dali, the Museum has no shame! Dali popcorn?!!!! We bought a Dali refrigerator magnet.


  1. i'm very sorry to hear of your grumpiness. i am on the cusp of being extremely happy - our bad weather broke and it was technically above freezing today. tomorrow is going to be 46* and i'm very glad. you'll have to check out my blog (on friday morning). i'm sure the content will amaze and astound you. its not florida but its pretty good. spoiler: its about a creepy meat wagon... of DOOM!

  2. here you go - it published:

    1. Should I feel discriminated against since I see that everyone else's comments show up on your blog but mine frequently disappear? Or is it just blogger?


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