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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Space Center was cool but...

Too many movies...But the Rockets Were Cool!
NASA is now a tour bus company
What is the kickback scheme in the relationship between Space X and NASA?
Did the moon rocks in the exhibit come from US Marshals raiding little old ladies who were trying to sell the family moon rock? (NASA used to give them away like candy)
Where was MuddyValley's art work?
For those of us who remember the excitement of the first trip to the moon, going to Cape Canaveral is depressing. There was a time when the USA was the best country in the world, when that blue passport got you to the front of the line and everybody was happy to let you.
Now we defund NASA and spend trillions on people who hate us.
Now we have metal detectors and ID checks to see old rockets?
Found no strange bottles on Cocoa Beach...
RonJon's is a massive tourist trap. They even hit us up for a condo and water park with the promise of ham sandwiches and a waterpark in the rain.
My wife bought me three Ventures albums. The covers are good but I think they have scratches.
I didn't tell her.
She didn't go to NASA. There was not much to do in Cocoa Beach, on Nude Years Day, in the rain.
Went to Waffle House last night.
Dinner for $3.99, same price as water at the Space Center...
I have limited internet, I gotta go...


  1. If the above comment isn't some sort of joke that I don't get, then you've been spammed, my friend. Otherwise, at least your not all barfing at this stage, that should make even NASA a little more enjoyable.

  2. Gorges, The above comment was removed as I've been getting spam from this fellow. Don't click on the link.
    NASA was pretty cool in spite of that little tinge of bitterness.

  3. In the Astronauts Hall of Fame. Somewhere in the area there. Etched portraits off all the Gemini astronauts on heavy glass discs above each of their exhibits.Got to meet them all too! Paid pretty good. Thank you taxpayers.


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