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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sarasota mangroves and Siesta Key and a Checker Station Wagon

We are in Sarasota. Tomorrow we go back to Tampa and Tuesday we fly home.

dh spotted this Checker stationwagon
Yesterday we took paddleboards on a tour of the mangroves.

Zach was our guide. He is pictured on the right. dh is in the center, Lulu is on the left. I am taking the photo.
Today we went to Church and then the beach. Nice sunset.


  1. I always used to want a Checker. Really heavy and built like a tank. From Wikipedia: "Studebaker parts were used in the interior, suspensions came from Ford, engines were built by Continental, and the automatic transmissions were originally Bendix units." Gone by 82.

  2. Pictures from Florida hit like visions from a blizzard induced delirium. Google Midwestern weather and appreciate your vacation! Somebody in the arctic has left the door wide open.

  3. Did the late forties Kaiser also pack a Continental engine? Twice missed chances to adopt one at farm sales some years back.

  4. In the 20s here in MS. Did you have to bring this down with you?
    Hope you enjoy yourselves this vacation.
    Wouldn't mind having my Studebaker back.

    1. Bobby, I apologize, rain and cold weather followed us everywhere. I have two Studebakers. I could share.


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