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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My wife orders Google Chromecast

We are now so absolutely high tech. We have a Google Chromecast. This is an amazing little device which plugs into the HDMI port on the fancy digital TV that everyone now owns. You also have to download the Google Chrome browser. It allows you to then send internet videos to your TV.
It is awesome.
I started this morning with my usual guilty pleasure, girls shocked by electric fences. but soon found the Roosty6 channel and watched the IH climb the hill to the 100 acre woods and the Cockshutt on the hammer mill. Eventually my wife kicked me out of the house and I had to go to work. 
After I post this blog I think I will go back to YouTube and follow Mr. Roosty on a trip to the gravel pit.
Perhaps another view of that guy driving a 671 detroit and shifting the five and four. 
Or should I look for more videos of girls fighting with pillows and wearing flannel pajamas. Oh my, this is so awesome!
Oh I know, a search for Detroit Diesels running out of control. That will sound awesome through the HiFi!
The family will not let me watch any more Dr. Who.
But there are all those videos of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy! And MuddyValley brought me a CD on Da-li last night. Wonder if I can figure out how to watch that on the big screen.
No more posts for a week!!!!! I got Google Chrome!!!!


  1. I guess it might take you a while to go through all those Roosty6 videos Budde. One of these days that guy is going to get caught in a hammer mill belt or thrown off a three wheeler and that will be the end of the videos. If I had truly unlimited (and affordable) internet out here in the sticks I would probably waste a lot more time on youtube watching videos. Maybe its just as well I don't.

    1. Ralph, I like your goPro movies. I like seeing how other people live and farm. That is why I like blogging and reading blogs also.
      I really hope neither of us perish in an open flat belt or grain auger. I'd like to go quietly in my sleep like grandpa, not screaming like everyone else in the car. I think I've used that joke before...

  2. that... that a risky click as the young people say. i'm not clickin on it. but look at you being all fancy! we have a cable that i can connect to our old school tv but someone who was not me dropkicked my laptop and it bent the cord-plugger-inner and now we are back to being huddled around a small screen and pretending its awesome. its not awesome. chromecast is awesome. *OFG walks away muttering about her lack of awesomeness and wonders if there is a video of Stanley sitting on someone's shoes.*

  3. Should I get a Chromecast or just an HDMI cable that stretches from my computer to my TV?

    1. A long HDMI cable may be more expensive than Chromecast.
      But then you would not have to install the Chrome Browser which is not perfect.
      Chromecast can be slow and a little annoying if you are watching a lot of short videos. It doesn't always stop playing when you change to the next video.
      Also, there are times when the lips don't match the sound.
      So I guess the answer depends on how far from the TV your computer is.
      Also, you can use chromecast with a smart phone.

    2. I went out and got one! and it is pretty amazing - picking Youtube videos on my phone or tablet and queuing them up to watch on my TV!


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