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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Planting, A balanced lunch, a picture of corn seed.

Yesterday I no-tilled oats for my neighbor. They are nice neighbors. I do wish I would have suggested that they bring their trailer of oats by my place where I could have used the forklift to put the oats on once of our many old trucks.
Lifting a 50lb bag from the ground to the walk board, from the walk board to the drill tank, stacking them, dumping them, gets to be a little tiresome. He did help me a couple fill-ups. Did fifty acres at 110lbs.
My brother's little helper is home. His back hurts and his joints ache. I imagine this is a sympathetic reaction to my exertions yesterday...
This was my lunch. Note that is is a balanced lunch. Snickers is from Mars, while Reece's Peanut Peanut Butter Cup is from Hershey's. There is also an apple, made by God...
And here is a picture of some corn which was sent to me by my brother. He likes to see my subscribers happy. What did this brand become?


  1. +1 for corn!!! and your lunch made my teeth hurt. i think i got cavities from just looking at it. but hey you had that apple so that is good ;-)
    ps i'm not bitter about your lack of snow. really.

  2. We prefer our corn in liquid form in my neck of the woods, but you still have to start with seed!

  3. That corn picture would fit right well in the "Vintage Ads" thread on red power forum. Oats is about the last crop I would want to plant using bagged seed. At 120 pounds per acre here. Of course canola is handled that way here but a 55 pound bag will plant ten acres. Handle with care, that bag is worth almost as much as the truck I hauled it out to the field with.

  4. So that is what corn seed looks like. It must be GMO to be that large.

    Grace and peace.

  5. This weather the last couple days has been a nice cure for the winter blahs, although the frost last night made the ground pretty sticky.....hope it didn't adversely affect your planting. I'm sorry I forgot to call you after the funeral yesterday....hopefully it wasn't urgent!

    Your lunch looks a lot like mine some days, with the grievous omission of sharp cheddar and Ritz crackers.

    1. Orin, I wanted to get your expert opinion on no-tilling annual ryegrass and applying 7 gallons of 10-34 in the row. I just went and planted. The dirt was not crumbling like I hope to see and there were slug and mouse trails. I planted 20lbs per acre so there will be plenty for the slugs to eat! The farmer says he is going to slugbait as soon as I'm finished. I am a little worried. But then I always worry.

  6. Planted PAG seed corn for years. Another small fish got munched by big fish. When the gentleman we bought it from comes back from Texas I'll see if he remembers who got it. He's well into his nineties with a memory known to wander.


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