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Friday, January 31, 2014

"Forcing Hate to Surrender," an old leftist love-fest, one of the heroes of the revolution has died...

I did a google search for "I hate Pete Seeger," and found nothing but love.
Pete Seeger was the John the Baptist for the new religion. "Leftism Lite" is such a wonderful belief system.
It is about peace and love and helping people see the good in all of humanity. Except for the people who don't agree with you or have the nerve to hang cling to their outdated values.  They are guilty of thought crimes and should be purged.
The times are a changin'
Pete had "Forcing Hate to Surrender" inked on his banjo. I suppose it all depends on how you define hate. In my opinion, "Leftism Lite" has no concept of forgiveness, just rehabilitation and re-education. "Hate" has been defined as disagreement with with current doctrine and all of Pete's campfire hymns of equality and activism didn't make for a kinder/gentler nation. We are still bombing people all over the world in the name of freedom and democracy.
To illustrate my point click on the above link and then read the first comment.
A useful idiot has dedicated their life to a fight against "racist sports logos."
The people who refuse to understand that sports mascots just what they are, sports mascots, and have nothing to do with racism, really put out a lot of hate.
(You know, Fighting Irishmen vs The Warriors, and which is the racist term.
Now then, "Drunken Irishmen vs the Naked Savages" or perhaps Iranian Bombers vs the Casino Chiefs, that would be racist, not really hard to tell the difference. You wouldn't name your team after a group that would inspire you to lose.)
I hate Pete Seeger because he wrote the sound track for taking a great but somewhat flawed nation into a pathetic parody of itself. A nation of strong and independent people who had a few issues to work on and turning us into a nation of wimps who are worried about "self esteem," have no self discipline, can't take a joke, and have no respect for personal freedom, individual property rights, and accuses those who disagree with the current belief system of the new "thought crime," of hate speech.


  1. Hate is such a strong word.....but yeah, it's probably because of Pete that we have Obama, :-) The only real difference as I see it, between now & the good old days, are that there are more than twice as many people. 3 billion in 1960 and 7 billion today. That makes for a lot more wimps, moochers, and idiots. They are just out-breeding us.

    1. "Hate" was inserted to go with his banjo motto. I think in modern times, the ratio of morons to nonmorons has grown out of pace with the general increase in population.

  2. Mexicans, muslims and welfare folks are the only ones who can AFFORD to have children, no WONDER they're outbreeding the rest of the population.

    1. The problem is that there is no remaining desire or framework in society to teach morals and values that build a cohesive and moral society.
      Poor people and recent immigrant groups tend to have bigger families. Bigger families bring in more money/support for parents it is kind of counter intuitive but it works in many cases.
      The problem is that they are not being absorbed into society. Welfare is structured to build single mom families and welfare payments are structured to give a financial advantage to having lots of babies by different fathers.

  3. Pete certainly was pretty far to the left in the spectrum but I believe that our world is made better by negotiation and compromise (and a moderate amount of chest bumping) of those across the spectrum. I sometimes have a narrow view and might miss something important. Hate is a strong word. I dislike and like people across the spectrum. His opposition to government and a focus on freedom might be more closely aligned to the right side of the spectrum than the first pass might indicate. Some of us got in our cars and buses and drove to Washington which led to our departure from the hopeless spectacle of Viet Nam. Some of us did not. I'll have to ponder it for a while but I'm not sure how often the radical left got us into wars on foreign soil where we killed innocent (or not) civilians and left on the ground the lives of our soldiers. I'm going to ponder your post a bit longer. The notion of leftism lite is interesting; perhaps sort of a liberal carpetbagger. We do need songsters across the spectrum, too, so perhaps that was his mission as is Ted Nugent's on the right.

    I do think the sports mascots in question are racist. It's time to move on. Change the name. Five years from now it's a moot point. Quit giving the liberal media something to dwell on.

    No corn pictures? The right gave us GMO corn. The left may have saved heirloom corn. The GMO corn is killing my bees so I'll have to move to the left on the issue of corn.

    Thanks for giving me a reason to ignore 2020.

    1. Art, I suppose we might have a little different perspective on some things.
      When it comes to culture wars I think every battle is the Alamo. I have difficulty with compromise.
      Your corn statement is interesting. I'm assuming that is a light hearted comment but it could be the subject of a whole blog post.
      We assign politics to things that should be nonpolitical. Is GMO corn right wing? Is "organic" left wing? The Deliberate Agrarian might have something to say on that issue!
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. I do not want no pardon for what I was and am,
    And I won't be reconstructed, and I do not care a damn!

  5. I don't actually "hate" Pete Seeger. A more accurately I find him mildly annoying. I used the word "hate" because he had "forcing hate to surrender" on his banjo. I should have used that to just make rude banjo jokes.

  6. Someone once said: "I am weary of statements that are glaring generalities"

  7. A lot of lefties are nice people but I am sure that the same could be said of Nevile Chamberlain as he granted us peace in our times. Lefties are true believers who refuse to connect the dots of their beliefs.

    Your post is a breath of fresh air in a flood of insipid praise.

    Grace and peace


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