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Monday, January 27, 2014

A photo of planting with no snow and the sun shining. Just to rub it in!

Here is the view from my tractor cab on Saturday. I'm no-tilling annual ryegrass. It is a special high sugar annual ryegrass which will be used for forage. The brand is Florida 90 or something like that. It is a contracted variety. I suspect it will turn out to be much less than promised as the contracted price is suspiciously high and the projected seed yield is high as well.
Something will go wrong. It always does.
It is not my field. I'm planting for a friend who has had some serious financial setbacks and is in danger of losing everything and he is 60-plus years of age. No retirement left. I really hope this works. I mean really, really hope. I put down 7 gallons of 10-34 to help it though the coming cold wet weather. I should have also applied slugbait with the drill.
Need to get 100 acres done before it starts raining.
Why is a person always one harvest away from failure?
One step away from heart break and suffering?
I have got to stop listening to bluegrass music!


  1. Yep! Titles to three songs there.
    Need to get 100 acres done before it starts raining.
    The helper's in need of a braining

  2. It always seems that a lot of farmers are one crop away from going under. hope it comes through for him!

  3. Oregon looks almost as far away from Sask. as if it was Australia. After getting prices from the fertilizer supplier this morning I am starting to wonder if it even pays to put in a crop this spring. I think I will just be a lazy farmer in my rocking chair. Until this -20 something weather improves anyway.

  4. i'm going to post pictures of our -25* morning tomorrow just to make you feel bad for enjoying that sunshine.

  5. The windchill here will be -40F by morning which is quite a bit warmer than the -45F windchill this morning. My cropland is frozen five or six feet deep with a few feet of snow on top. Weirdly enough it seems not to rain here after the 4th of July any more so in the land of 10,000 lakes we live in a perpetual half-summer drought trying to grow something between the last spring frost (May 15) and the first fall frost (SEP 15). On the positive side we're all one crop or one day away from disaster. I try to look at each day like an appointment with the dentist. It might not be good but it's only going to last so long.

  6. yeah, well it is raining today. Ihave ten acres left to plant. Got rained out last night.


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