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Friday, November 11, 2011

Read a book, as in past tense...

I just finished "Nanette, Her Pilot's Love Story," by Edwards Park.
I like to read books about WWII. I am amazed by the way ordinary people did extraordinary things.
The author down plays his war record and focuses on his plane. Describing the plane as somewhat of a living creature with a will of her own.
After doing a bit of research I've found that the author was really somewhat of a "hero" in his own right. He certainly put in a lot of flight time in a rather unstable aircraft and made it back home again.
I actually started the book last night.
I tend to read fast and continuously.
I may be finished with my planting. The winter rains have started.
I need another 200-500 acres of planting to make up for my hay baling shortfall this year. I suspect that I will for ever remain on the other side of that 1.2 million dollars I hope for.


  1. Guess 1.1 million might have to suffice.

  2. Good luck with that Budde. I think I have probably made my first million but it was spread out over 40 years of farming and I didn't notice it.

  3. Imagine scrambling in a second rate fighter against Zeros with your squadron leader's voice "Come dear children, let us away" crackling in the headset. Read it years ago, that memoir really stayed with me.

    Imagine all the ways 1.2 milyun can wreck things. Lulu might end up in the same cell block with Ms. Lohan, you would live in a gated McPalace community with litte yapping designer kick me dogs everywhere, paparazzi would be waiting as your driver brings the bullet proof dark windowed Studebaker limo to a stop in front of the Blue Goat. Maybe I'm thinking 5 milyun here. Inflation and all, 1.2 might not be so bad.

  4. I thought you agreed to settle for an even 1 million. Be careful of greed.

    Grace and peace

  5. 1.1 million today vs yesterday buys what?
    Plug into this. It's scary!

  6. Ok so I suppose I will never get my 1.2 million. But if I do I'll take you all to the Blue Goat for a Goat Burger and then next door to Ashes for Rhubarb pie.

    Collieguy, you have read all the good books haven't you? Yeah, a bullet proof studebaker would be all I could afford with 1.2 million. Lulu would probably start her own Legoland...

    Pumice, well you have the daily inflation!

    Muddy, Um-that was depressing!

  7. Central Oregon RaisedNovember 14, 2011 at 6:52 AM

    I like old books too on WarII and their planes.
    My father flew as a tail gunner in a 24 Liberator "The Flying Boxcar". Several
    years ago, I was fortunate to take him to see
    a restored plane show down around Corvallis,
    what a memory, All these gentlemen in their
    seventies standing around the field crying....
    what memories those planes invoked that day.
    My father was quite large/barrel chested and
    could not wear his parachute into the tail gunner space. I have his little cartoon like
    character book the army gave him and he wrote
    daily in it about the flights ie lost a plane today, so and so won't be returning to the
    barracks tonight Or down the line, five mission to go and by the grace of God, I'll be able to return home. Gives me a chill every time I read it and thank God how lucky
    I was as a girl in the sixties and NOT drafted.. my husband was a Vietnam Vet..spent time in areas (where the US wasn't) without army issued clothing or tags...Part of his death was stress related, Hopefully Lulu and
    and my son (14) will be spared.

  8. Central Oregon, Now that is an interesting comment. I understand the tail gunner was not the best job on a bomber. Incredible fortune that he made it home!
    I know another fellow who was in similar circumstances as your husband. He is a very messed up fellow. Emotionally and physically. Currently he is setting in his house surrounded by guns and staring into space. I found this out when I looked for him this summer when baling and it looked like his house was unoccupied. When I asked where he was I was told he was there. Very sad.

  9. Actually, I am quite in awe of the Lazy Farmer's prowess at getting books read.


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