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Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm finished with planting and our occupy experiment failed

I planted my last 20 acres today. In the rain. No-tilled oats and vetch into chopped wheat stubble. It really worked quite well. A little muddy but only one plug up. One blown hydraulic hose put out enough high pressure oil to pretty much coat the drill. I finished up in the dark.

Later "Lulu" and i continued with our occupy the living room protest. She has set up a tent. We demanded ice cream but it was pointed out that we had chocolate pie for dessert and besides, we know where the ice cream is kept.
Then the mayor of the living room went to bed.
We tried the "occupy" chant and worked on a further list of demands but got bored and looked for our own ice cream. After discovering the rocky road had been consumed during the occupy protest yesterday we pretended to have hot chocolate in the igloo tent with some stuffed animals.
I sort of got kicked out of the tent.
Afterward I was quite successful in occupying the bathroom.
I am currently occupying the comfy leather chair the mayor of the living room found on craigslist. Lulu is reading a book.
Yesterday the occupy protest was interrupted by an angry polar bear who announced he was hungry and his plan was to eat little girls. The little girl in question objected in no uncertain terms and returned with a nerf gun and dispatched the offending polar bear in short order.
We are just not the revolutionaries we aspire to be.


  1. Hang in there. At least you can smell properly ripe if you don't bathe for a few days!

  2. Central Oregon RaisedNovember 16, 2011 at 4:39 AM

    Lucky great to have a Dad who not only gives her a good life in the country but
    also the ability to imagine and pretend. It
    seems like we all grow up and forget to imagine....I still like to do characters, talk
    with other voices, pretend things that don't normally speak have son puts up with me but I notice too that he plays along.
    Have you read "The Art of Racing in the Rain"?
    Written from the dog's point of view and his voice....wonderful book by Garth Stein.

  3. Central Oregon RaisedNovember 17, 2011 at 5:42 AM

    Just spoke last night with my brother who is a
    COO of a large firm in Montreal Canada....he said that they have the "Occupy" there too but
    he has noticed on his way home...he walks even in the cold...that the tents are empty..evidently they are fair weather fellows
    who just "Occupy" during the day. Funny!

  4. Gorges, one little slip and you are OUT of the Tent!

    Central OR, haven't read racing in the rain. Will have to add to my list. I like my kid. I have heard other occupy sites are empty tents as well.


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