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Friday, November 18, 2011

Blah, blah, blah, once more...

Yesterday I went to the Ag Show.
My sometimes-a-great-helper wanted to go and he has a better truck than I. He used to work for me. In fact, when he was a little tyke he used to ride around on the tractor with me.
He has his own small farm and a hay baling business. He works for someone else now. Someone who is much more successful than I. More acres, nicer equipment, works harder, more entertaining. More specifically, if you remember back a few posts, he is the one who said, "M..., I don't like tequila, I want to grow bourbon."
Lulu had a bad cough the night before and didn't get a lot of sleep and they were having a jogathon at school and she wanted to go to the Ag Show. So we took her along.
She is highly in favor of Cat Challengers. They have a buddy seat, a cooler, and lots of buttons and switches. She has decided I need one. I never even discussed the price.
Later we met up with a long time friend for lunch at the local incarnation of the Mongoloid BBQ. (Where you pick out a bowl full of raw ingredients and they cook it on a giant wok)
The show was kind of depressing. Equipment prices are quite high. There are more government regulations to comply with all the time. I have not lived up to the expectations of most farmers I know.
I saw the regional distributor for this company. He wants me talk my uncle into being a dealer for this brand of grain drill and he wants me to sell them. His company has been bought by this company and he figures his time is limited.
I probably should buy one of the drills and get it all set up and then sell it. It has a little different opener set up than what I have. I think I'll get the 30 footer...
The problem with selling them is that farmers in general are not as clever as they pretend on NewAgTalk. I could demo a piece of equipment that might be the greatest idea ever. I could plant a couple thousand acres in the neighborhood every year and they could see the results, but they will buy a John Deere. Apparently when you own a JD you get a special pair of underwear, not that you need to wear underwear anymore, as your poop no longer sinks. In fact, if you even have to poop, it comes out packaged as organic fertilizer, smelling faintly of fresh printed dollar bills.
But, I digress...
The fellow has been after me for like four years to do it. He says everyone is going from 12ft to 20 foot drills and I could cash in. I am sure he is right. Not sure I am the one to sell the state on cream and red grain drills however.
Now I am going to grind feed.
I went to the show to see if I could find a scales for my feed grinder. It looks like it would be cheaper to just buy a different grinder/mixer.
I think I could build a scales from chinese import loadcells for under $1,000 and buy it all off of ebay.
I may do that.
Have a nice day.


  1. Life ain't gettin' no easier, and the powers-that-be don't intend for it to ever do so.

  2. Agribition coming up here next week but I quit going to farm shows a few years ago. I think they are more for the progressive farmer, not someone like me who is stuck in the 1990s and happy enough to stay there.

  3. We are trying real hard to progress from the '70's to the '80's so I guess that makes us progressive farmers :)

  4. Last time I went to an ag show I came away with a wooden yardstick printed with the slogan "Check trash clearance. Oliver plows are measurably better." I think a four sixteen was on display. Then I spent thirtyone years trying to set the pork industry back fifty.


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