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Friday, November 4, 2011

The information age

The Nuclear Disaster in Japan is possibly as bad as Chernobyl but the authorities have decided to lie about it.
The West Coast of The USA is down wind from Japan. We know this for a fact as during WWII they sent us balloon bombs.
Somewhere I have a gieger counter. But exactly what good would that do me. "Oh, gosh, yes, I've been ingesting radioactive lettuce...Oh yes, my carpet is radioactive. I guess taking it out after six months is better than living with it for 10 years...
Lying to your subjects has worked pretty well in the 21st century (and before) so I suppose this will continue to be the order of business...


  1. I don't doubt its as bad as Chernobyl. Some things we are better off not knowing until after the fact.

  2. One of my former college instructors said that they knew the design was flawed before they ever built it, but they did it the "American way" and gave the design work (and probably the construction) to the lowest bidder.

  3. Feel better now? I don't. If you think it is bad now wait until the current crop of kids get out of school. I am constantly having the discussion about how if the government needs more money they should just print it. Our only hope is that they will be too lazy to vote.

    Grace and peace.


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