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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daughter and I went to the beach today.
We had lunch at Lil' Black Sambo's in Lincoln City. I've wanted to eat there ever since I was Lulu's age. It was a bit of a let down. Lulu had the pancakes which were fine. I had fish and chips. It was ok. The fries were good. The fish was average. I know this sounds a bit Philistine, but I really prefer the Skipper's for fish and chips.
They did have some amazing lego creations on display. London Bridge and the USS Constitution made out of Legos.
A guy and girl came in with U of O logos on their clothes. The guy was tall enough to be a basketball or footballer player. The girl had the hard attractiveness of those college cheerleader hotties. Where do they buy their perfume? Does it come in gallon jugs from Nordstroms? Is it injected into the water at the sorority houses-sort of like the tidy-bowl in the toilets?
But, I digress...
We hit the beach...I got in trouble for saying a bad word. A whole gaggle of well-dressed folks walked in front of me against the "don't walk" signal as i was turning into the parking lot. I let a word slip. I apologized and suggested she remember me in her prayers as I did in fact have a problem with saying bad words.
Which brings up a story from Friday. I have a had a girl calling me who wanted hay. I kept forgetting to call her back and I kept putting her off. She was always polite and cheerful. She had been hauling hay the hay in her little car. One bale in the back seat and one in the truck.
So, I just hauled her a ton on the back of a tandem axle diesel truck. I was going to take Lulu as it is at a local horse boarding stable, but she was not feeling well. Upon arrival I discovered the girl to be kind of a potty mouth. A few f-bombs were dropped. I think my daughter would be offended.
But, I digress...

The coast was a bit foggy and a touch on the cold side.
We had a good time.

We built a pretty elaborate sand castle and road system.

She chased seagulls.

There are always dogs at the beach. They also chase seagulls.


  1. I've noticed that younger women seem to be every bit as foul-mouthed as the guys. I miss a lot of things about the old days; I think girls at least attempting to appear lady-like is one of them.

  2. Lil' Sambos is good for pancakes and traditional breakfast. The Spanish omelet wasn't as good as the old Pine Tree Patio's. Foul language in daily conversation another gift from the sixties.

  3. Gorges, she was quite polite and said please and thankyou. I told her that was the only reason I delivered her the hay. She told me she thought that was pretty awesome. I kind of cringed.

    G706, I should have had breakfast but I had a hankering for fish and chips after trying to learn the chords for an AC/DC song.

  4. Yes, Gorges beat me to it again. I guess its an old fashioned idea I hold onto but hate to hear a woman swear unnecessarily. Or men for that matter. There is a time and place for that kind of language. Say if you accidentally drive over your best oil can or something....

  5. Hey, I've heard more creative language from a squirrel cussing my dog than from unthinking gutter talking victims of popular culture. Our last best hope is for a South Park series in which the principals take an interest in Shakesperian invective...sad.

    Fine times at the beach. Even the Lazy Farmer needs to make his getaway. What you doing next September? I know better than to ask.

  6. Ralph, or if you lose your handy-man jack?

    Collieguy, I think South park is funnier when they beep out the bad words. I suppose that next September I'll be doing the same thing I was doing this September... I need to build a fire pit and plant lilacs.

  7. notallthatfrumpyhousewifeNovember 8, 2011 at 5:20 AM

    I remember when men apologised if they inadverdently used inappropriate language in the hearing of a woman. Today, women laugh and say worse things in return. If we women deplore the lack of chivalry in modern times, it is our own fault that it is gone. However, some of us do still care about the language we speak and hear. I am grateful for every person who manages his or her speech in my vicinity because it is still a sign of respect and courtesy when they do so.


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