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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fog, changing plans, cold wet Oregon weather...

I need to be planting. I am not.
I have other things to do. I have difficulty switching tasks. I am in planting mode, not working on stupid crap in the fog mode.
I am working on a 35 acre field of tetraploid ryegrass,  I have two 15's of the same and then another 15 acres of fescue to reseed.
What I want to be doing is 50 acres of oats and vetch. I could plant that in this weather.
The small and light ryegrass seeds are hard to  place at the proper depth with the soil so wet and sticky. Plus the press wheels on the back of the drill build up with mud which lifts the v-openers up a half inch.
I am not real confident that this will work anyway. I think it should have been planted a month ago. But...There were reasons I am sure.
The other problem is that the field is not dead. It was in spring wheat and there is a pretty good green sprout. The farmer's sprayer is broken. I think this could be a failure.
I'm going to try and the farmer to provide me with the diesel for this job. I know he is low on money and I suspect this project may fail.
Anyway, he wants me to wait until afternoon when the sun may come out. The next farmer down the list has not called me yet this morning.
I guess I will wander out and find something else to do. I have plenty to do...
 Typical View out my tractor rear window


  1. I don't know which is worse, your fog and muddy conditions or our snow and gradually freezing ground. The only ploughing to be done here for the next 5 months or so will be snow ploughing.

  2. I vote frozen ground and snow cover. We get a taste of Oregon winter every year about now and by December I'm always glad to see the end of mud and freezing drizzle. But we have to plan ahead enough that anything we're going to want before March isn't where it'll get frozen down or drifted over.


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