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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Days

I found some photos from 1994. I'm going to have to scan them. They show my father planting with a nicely restored M670 and my brother riding the back of the drill. It is the old MM with the steel wheels so it is before I started pretending to be a farmer as I bought a sloped side Moline drill with rubber tires when I started. It also shows the G1000 Vista plowing and really looking pretty good.
I was looking for the Heathkit Tube amp/receiver that my father-in-law built himself. I found a place in Portland that rebuilds tube amps and I'd like to get it checked out. One of the amplifier tubes is out and before I replace it I want to make sure that capacitors have not all dried out.
But, that was not really the point...
Not sure what the point was.
Anyway, the helper shows up and seems to be a bit bummed. I was in fine form as I had just made a trip to the bank and discovered I am pretty much broke till I sell some pig feed.
It turns out the helper is about to be evicted and needs to come up with $1,000 by Thursday.  This is Wednesday. I had an unexpected expense and I am totally broke.
I don't even have that much cash sitting around so I really am spared the moral quandary.
Then I read that fellow blogger  Zeta Woof had emergency surgery and has no insurance.
So if you were considering clicking on the paypal link to give me 1.2 million dollars perhaps you should consider sending Mr. Woof the .2 million and just giving me the even million. Perhaps also sending my helper a case of beer. That would be cheaper than giving him the $1,000.
Here is some music that seems fitting. My lovely wife bought me a CD. Travers Chandler. "State of Depression." I'm enjoying it. Incredibly depressing music.


  1. Central Oregon RaisedNovember 10, 2011 at 6:57 AM

    Does your helper do "honey do" jobs? I have a list 28 things long of items that need done, you
    know make sure the generator is ready with the right electrical cords in case I need it, take out the air conditioner for winter, etc... I can only paid $10.00 per hour but I'll bet I have $150.00 worth here and I have a friend who
    needs things done too..the fellow we have now
    shows up if and when he feels like it.

  2. Central Oregon, I will pass the information on. I have already suggested taking home a pallet of my rabbit and chicken feed in 50 or 25lb bags and selling it out of his garage. You may all laugh at me, the same way he did, but there are a lot of potential customers in his area and his daughter is in 4-H or something. I have been doing it to make it through the winter. I don't think it is that bad an idea.
    Ok, everyone in the neighborhood is laughing at me but I don't care. Well, a little bit. But, I eat more custard pie than anyone else, so there!


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