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Friday, October 7, 2011

A little tibit of info for my parinoid Christian readers

I was reading Wired magazine online last night and came across this interesting blog article. They are talking about the FBI training on Islam. Apparently, one of the FBI trainers does not believe in cultural relativism. 

There are a couple interesting ideas that come up again and again.

1. Why was it that the Crusades are considered a humanitarian crime on the order of the holocaust, (assuming it happened) but the Islamic Conquests are not even considered?

2. Why are the various historical Christian excesses, like the witch hunts, Spanish Inquisition, treatment of indigenous people, continually brought up as proof of Christian brutality but are never compared to excesses of other ideologies. What about paganism in general? Are people by natural brutal and self-serving or are they naturally good?

3. Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian Fundie why does his name come up when people are desperately searching for examples of Christian terrorism. For such a hot button issue as abortion-Just how many abortion clinics have actually been blow up? How many doctors have been shot? Is it one or is it one thousand? I honestly don't know.

Now here is the point of this whole post. I lifted this quote from the Wired article,  "The best strategy for undermining militants, Gawthrop suggested, is to go after Islam itself. To undermine the validity of key Islamic scriptures and key Muslim leaders."

And that little quote is why I am writing this blog post, has not this already been done with Christianity?  It was just one sentence that really caught my attention and with that idea in mind I read the comments. Higher education in the west has been devoted to the undermining of key Christian ideals since the post WWII era. The difference is that of course they are correct. Christianity is based on flawed concepts and all the Christian leaders have feet of clay, (oops! a cultural/biblical reference) We are our own gods, except for Islam which of course for some reason we love and defend because somehow we want their approval...

I have somewhat of a cynical viewpoint. I think humans will be controlled. In fact, I think they desire control. I think that 20th century Christianity gave us a good framework of values. Plus, it allowed for the whole peace love and understanding thing. Dissent was tolerated! There were levels of belief and non-belief for everyone. But yet we still had a common framework of core cultural values.
I hate to see it be destroyed. I wonder why Islam seems to the new control system of choice by the hive. I don't see a conspiracy of one or two people. Rather it is a conspiracy of like-minded people. Similar values, similar schooling, and similar experiences who are all making similar choices without directly communicating. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of people and then millions of people all making the same choices and having the same attitudes.
Are such things studied?
I wonder if it could be statistically charted?
I am sure there are the global elite who are right on the scene to effect change in some way. Much money and power can be made from societal change. I think Islam channels a lot of cash into the hands of their leaders.
Just what I've been thinking about.
Next post will have photos of corn harvest.
I leave you with one of the anthems of a generation. Is that relevant? I think my choice of musicians is ironic.


  1. Don't think all this "randomness" wasn't carefully orchestrated.

  2. Gorges, I think the FBI agents statement was very telling. It is exactly what was done to remove the cultural impact of Christianity and is probably the best was to stop the Islamic issue. It worked!


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