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Monday, October 10, 2011


We are chopping silage in between the rain showers. We have a new truck driver this year. He is filling trucks and doing quite well. I started about the same age but with a 1949 Studebaker. He is starting with a 1973 International. He actually is driving a newer truck than I did!


  1. Did you find another engine for the truck, or is that a different truck? And I like the can of PB Blaster on the dash. Every farm truck should have one!

  2. Yeah, I was about the same age, but it was the hay field. Then I got enough muscle to handle the bales and had to stay on the truck and stack!

  3. Orin, I got this truck for the engine it runs and drives good and it came with really nice Pioneer metal side racks and I didn't have the heart to scrap it. The cab has a lot of ventilation as it was a fertilizer hauler. The PB blaster is on the dash because there is a leak right over the PTO cable knob and you have to spray good when you use it or it rusts and won't move next time.
    Bottom feeding is an art form, I think!

    Gorges, This job requires a lot of concentration as you are driving slow alongside a silage chopper blowing. You have to drive fairly exact or you get a windshield covered by corn silage. He had the misfortune to break his arm Sunday afternoon so it looks like he is down for the season. You can't steer and shift with one arm although he really wants to try!


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