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Friday, October 21, 2011

And the difference between the former oppressor and the new oppressors is?

I hate to call them "animals" as it seems a bit degrading to squirrels and turtles.
However, I think the new Islamic government will probably be a bit mean to the opposition. Of course that is ok because the opposition is of course evil and deserve what they get...
I was just amazed at the joy expressed by news commentators over the death of Moamar.
I want to know what happened to his elite team of Amazon body guards.


  1. Thanks for the link.. nice place :))

  2. Well.actually we are all animals. With the exception of a few of us that may be vegetables or undercover 'plants'.
    Ethnocentrism is reaching a new high in our country. The idea that we can impose through force, our system of government on another far different culture is incredible to me. These people are still living in a tribal society where it is the strongest that rules. They are actively fighting feuds that are a thousand years old. I say if we have to throw the taxpayer's money away, that we rethink where we are throwing it. We won't change them, and somehow our government hasn't realized that the third world countries resent it when given money. They take the money & hate us for giving it and it will never really reach the people that need it the most.
    His body guards weren't body guards, they were more like unwilling sex slaves.
    Another dictator will take his place soon.

  3. bunkerville, well I like yours as well.

    muddy, ok we are all animals. But I can't say savages now can I? Why do we have to mess around with other countries affairs? Especially when we do it so badly and get so many people killed. I really doubt people in Pakistan like to see drones flying around and zapping people. Is all government policy based on science fiction movies?


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