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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I accomplish nothing all week

I have been attempting to plant annual ryegrass since monday. I have planted 30 acres. Yesterday I planted 6 acres of annual and then after dark I planted another 6 acres of Timothy hay.
I have a 15ft drill. I've planted 100 acres in a long day.
I have only been fishing once.
Little problems with the drill, little problems with tractor, pickup loads of hay sold, 4 barrels of chicken feed, trucks moved, a few farmers who wanted to talk. But, somehow the time just went away.
I guess I will go to work now.


  1. Hey, if it makes you feel better I'm not going to get started planting Annual till sometime next week. IF it doesn't rain all week like accuweather says it will.

  2. Those talkative farmers. That'll do it every time.
    Enjoy those conversations while you can. Some of them won't be around forever.
    How many more acres do you have left to plant? Is this on your own farm or for other folks?
    Did you replace those lures yet? Dough balls used to work for us down here.

  3. "I guess I will go to work now." Hypothetically speaking I'd try the dough balls or worms.

  4. Sorry thing to let a whole congregation of fish get all slothful and complacent.


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