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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The post I made previously has been removed

It is not my story to tell. I just feel bad. Half the time I have no clue what I am talking about.
Funny comment by Gorges about blindness and bars. I got it...
Have a nice day/evening/whatever...


  1. Daggone it, Budd, if I knew you were gonna take it serious, I'd a kept my mouth shut. I told one of the other bloggers that my mouth gets me in trouble sometimes!

  2. If everyone restricted themselves to stories that were theirs to tell, there would be no journalism. Reportage from the front re: the human condition is an open game. It's only the inclusion of names that degrades observation into meanness and gossip.

    Different rules apply to the rich and famous, they got 'splainin' to do to us upon whom their foibles impinge. Election to public office should involve thumb printing and subjection to a dark room and 24 hours of their choice of any two recordings of the Ledge for first infractions legal, moral or choice of dumb bumper stickers.

  3. Dang, late to the party again.
    Missed out on the peach cobbler and on the corvette.
    I've gotta make an effort to get here more often.
    Did I say hello?


    Just stopped in to say howdy do. Glad your still alive. Miss your music. Nothing makes me smile more than that Ledge guy. The wife smiled too.

  4. The removal of the previous post was for the best as i discovered later. Too much information on a delicate situation which is none of my business. I expressed myself in person which is much better than ranting on the internet.

    Hi Bobby! I've been a bit random in my posting. Have been a bit busy.


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