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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things that make me happy

I was a little late to work this morning. As I am every morning. This morning the reason was that I was playing Super Mario cart on the Wii with my daughter.
My daughter is home because of the 8 people in her school, three of them are Indiana, and the rest have influenza. So, out of solidarity with her plight I decided to play Wii with her before she has to empty the cat box.
My dad was at work at 7 a.m.
He has been putting everything in his office into a database that no one can search because everything is just random spellings. He spends a lot of time doing this.
I get here and all my receipts from checks I've written, bills I needed to ask my brother about, my car insurance cards, are all missing. I don't want to ask him because that would involve his unsearchable database and then he would want to print something.
He has boxes of files scattered all around his office. Who knows which one they are in.
Perhaps now I will go out and discuss how much air I'm using out in the shop, even though it is turned off in two places and I have my own air compressor.
Or I'll help dad look for the Staples office supply catalogue...
Or work on the building that is falling down and is piled full of things like, used sickle guards. You know we might sharpen them! It has only  been 20 years...
Any day I will install those Freeman baler parts I got a good deal on... 20 years ago...
Oh boy! Another broken wiring harness!  And what is this?! ledger plates for a binder? Just slightly used? Well, I will get the grinder out!
Or how about this M&W turbo kit for a 30-20 that has been setting in a box full of water since 1987? Well, that goes back on the self!!! Slightly used gears for a Moline grain drill! I can use them! And here is a whole tub full of broken springs. With just a little heat they can be made new again! It is all money in the bank!!!!


  1. Budde, I have some of that same "money in the bank" in some of my sheds. I know in the back of my mind that somewhere out there is somebody who will see some of that stuff some day and say "that's exactly what I am looking for". Dreaming maybe but theres always ebay.

  2. Ralph, Need a pitman arm for a #9 John Deere mower?

  3. Ralph, of course this is how it works-you needed a tach for your IH, but did I have it? No... I got everything else but not the part you needed!

  4. Our grove and sheds are rich in parts and implements that would have been a vision of the future of farming in 1955. It's a graveyard of seasons.

    And yet...used a coil spring from an old Studebaker truck seat to stabilize the headlamp in the '96 Saab where somebody had busted the plastic mounts for the retaining clip.

  5. I did not realize that there were still operating schools with small populations.

    Everybody has treasures that they hold onto because one day they will prove their worth.

  6. thefrumpyhousewifeJanuary 5, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    I am intrigued by your heading.

  7. HI I'm Phil and I came looking for help to fix a 2-70 white tractor. I didn't find any so I left.Have a nice day


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