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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The point at which your Gubment becomes pointless?

I'm a believer in limited Gubment. Fewer laws and fewer regulations means fewer trips to jail and less money wasted.
People band together to provide group services like Fire Protection, Police protection, rescue services, but there comes a time when those agencies get out of control.
I think that sending James Anderson Jr. a bill several million dollars for a fire that started in his outdoor trash can shows the utter failure of our gubment.
It raises some serious questions?
Why did it cost 10 million to put out the fire?
AND when you are talking 10 million to put out a fire and you are assigning blame then perhaps you should ask, who let it get out of control?
What practices were used to control the fire?
AND in general, why is the cost of fighting fires so high that the gubment has to send out bills?
OF course I have an opinion after talking to people who have been subjected to the insanity of having an unaccountable agency fight fires on their property.
The whole thing is run by incompetent idiots who are not spending their own money on their own property.
I wish I were on the beach in Florida.
Or even having two eggs and grits at Waffle House...
 I'm already starting to get grumpy...


  1. Drink more whiskey, say "om," and don't call anybody in the morning. Otherwise, it will pass.

  2. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

  3. Yep, once you get down here and get some grits, you are spoiled for life.


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