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Friday, January 3, 2014

Space Dots and Sarasota and cold weather

We arrived in Sarasota yesterday afternoon. We brought the rain with us. It was 75 degrees at Cocoa Beach and the sun was shining. So we left.
We couldn't have a perfect day at the beach, it would ruin our streak of medium luck.
We are staying with friends and sometimes readers of The Lazy Farmer.
We refers to Me, My Wife, Daughter, and Friends from Oregon who are really from Florida. Well "D" is from Florida and is the son of the farmer I used to work for. His lovely and gracious wife is from Oregon.
We are staying with his Sister's family who may also at times follow The Lazy Farmer.
I have not seen any corn.
Here we are eating Space Dots. They are a flash frozen astronaut dessert.

My wife got me a NASA T-shirt at Target.
I think we are going to Goodwill or perhaps a tour of the mangroves.
Last night we got Amish style cheese curds. They squeak when you eat them. Oh, and Pickles! I like pickles!


  1. Strange, they didn't call them space dots when they served them at our mall, but they were REALLY cold. I like cheese curds myself.

    1. I think the Space Dots are the officially sanctioned flash frozen ice cream dessert. The kind you get at the mall is just a cheap copy.

  2. you have no idea how much i'm enjoying your trip to florida.
    ps it is currently 11* here.

    1. I am very happy to bring you joy. I have been looking for corn to take photos of. Would you settle for bamboo? What about Amish people on tricycles?

    2. would love to see bamboo - there is only one variety that grows here. i've heard about these liberal Florida Amish... it just ain't fittin'.


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