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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am still annoyed with Lars Larson

I'm shamelessly bumping this post up in the Google Search ratings. Click here to see what I said about Lars Larson being a maroon last night.
I found this article which I think proves me correct in my opposition to Lars using terms like "Dirty Hippies," and pointing out the obvious. (Click Here for blog on Occupy movement)
There is a lot of energy in the Occupy movement. I don't think it should be trivialized.
I heard that after they got their extension cord unplugged from the charging station they were using a stationary bicycle to charge cell phones.
Many people in this movement are smart and creative. I think that should be recognized.
Just because I say that doesn't mean I support them.
I think it is bad to be the group that is caught behind the curve. Those are the folks that get sent to the re-education camps...
I wonder if the reputation defender program that Lars plugs will alert him to the fact that a Lazy Farmer in Oregon thinks Lars is an embarrassment to the conservative movement?
Wonder what keywords I would have to use?


  1. I really must listen to this Larson guy some time just to see what he is all about. Is he related to Rush Limbaugh? :-)

  2. Ralph, Lars was pretty good as a local talk show host when he started years ago. Here's how it worked. Years ago there were some good local talk show people. Rush got popular and we lost the locals, then Lars took off as a Rush jr. on a local station and then somehow Lars went National. I think he thinks he is "really stickin it to those knott-heads," but I kind of disagree with that approach, unless the host is really funny.

  3. Think I'd be looking for a good 8-track and some tapes, and stay away from the radio. Let the blood pressure get back to normal.

  4. I can't stand to listen to Lars anymore. Local host Bill Post is funnier, and Victor Boc (no longer on the radio) was much more open minded and a better interviewer. Victor had a good gig in Eugene and traded it in for the "big time" of Portland radio, then pissed off his bosses at KPAM and now has no show.

    Nowadays when Lars comes on I usually switch to Michael Medved. I'm not sure that running one's yapper 7 hours a day (or whatever ridiculous number it is in Lars' case) is beneficial to one's mental health.

  5. Orin, I wondered what happened Victor Boc. I really liked him. Hows the planting going?


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