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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here is a typical bipartison mess which shows what is wrong with government

So the clever folks are going to censor the internet. Of course it has a clever Orwellian name. And OF course it doesn't sensor what we need to have censored.
What it does is protect the establishment content owners who have big money to send lobbyist to Washington and it allows the State to restrict freedom. The best of both worlds for those who run things in the 21st century.
And it creates Felons out of everyday people who do occasional foolish things. Easy folks to arrest and prosecute.

What it does not do...
Sensible stuff, like...
I think it should be harder to access porn by accident. I think porn sites should have a .xxx tag so that you can program your browser not to allow access them.

What you can't do...
Protect the identity of idiots who post all their personal information on facebook.

Anyway, that is just my opinion... I though the law was a pretty good example of all the stupid laws that go though congress. Like the food safety act that makes it basically illegal for small farmers to sell their products direct.


  1. Just what we need, more laws to protect us from our stupidity. But on the good news front, our conservative govt. is going to scrap the long gun registry at last.

  2. But we have to have laws. More and more of them. As the rate of new lawyers increases faster than the growth of the general population, they ensure their own survival by creating laws that give them work.

  3. This population just begs censorship although I am not for it!


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