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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Exotic" Animals on the loose

I bet this was a "cluster...."

A fellow who had lions, tigers, and bears (oh my) set them loose and shot himself. 
I listened to this on the radio today.
It appears local officials hounded him with zoning issues and put him in jail on a gun charge. (he was probably really annoying to his neighbors) He gets out of jail and sets the animals loose and shoots himself.
The police arrive and shoot all the animals. According to the first news report I heard, some of the animals were STANDING BY THEIR CAGES.
To quote from the article:

"Townspeople cowered indoors Wednesday as deputies with high-powered rifles hunted down and killed lions, bears and dozens of other exotic beasts that escaped from a wild-animal preserve after the owner threw their cages open and committed suicide."

Were they afraid of the animals or jumpy cops with M-16's. (Which I just naturally assume is the modern definition of a "high-powered rifle."

But, then again-I could be completely wrong. It may very well have been handled in the best way possible and with absolute professionalism.
And I admit I have no idea what should have been done. Probably should have declared the area as an Occupy Wallstreet zone and killed two birds with one stone...
This article makes it all sound much more professional. (Click Here)


  1. Don't you sometimes plant for this guy's long-lost Oregon cousin?

  2. You have to wonder why anyone would want EIGHTEEN Bengal Tigers.

  3. I have a notion that some of those hides will turn up missing. Couldn't they use some of the meat to feed the homeless, or maybe other zoo animals?
    On another note, you could probably use duct tape on the tail gate.

  4. And to think that I shot it on Mulberry Street!

    Roll over, Theodor Geisel...

  5. If only we would have had Dr. Dolittle. He could have explained things to the animals and all would have been fine.
    I can't help but imagine police cars rushing to the scene with lights and sirens and cops yelling and the animals freaking out.
    And, not some guy with a bolt action 30-.06 and a safari hat.
    No, something automatic.

    Bobby, I bet those hides have more than one hole in them!!!

    Orin, yes but no lions, tigers, or bears, oh my! Only herbivores.


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