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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why I hate Conservatives or is it just Republicans?

I really like liked the People's Cube. Excellent political satire, I like the artwork, I have a People's Cube t-shirt and I've started sharing his posts on Facebook.
But, and that is of course a big butt...
Like most conservatives the love of unrestrained capitalism has tainted the golden elixir of truth and humor.
The People's Cube has popup advertising. Popups are the bane of the internet. The best way to make me avoid your site is to have a nice little pop-up that I have to click through to access your content.
Sort of like inviting me to your house for dinner and selling me Amway or a wonderful investment opportunity. It won't happen twice.
So now, the People's Cube is dead to me..
If I could remember how, I would remove the link on my blog...
The online conservative movement really hurts its image by being such a bunch of advertising whores.

In other news...
I got all my straw hauled in before the rain.


  1. I don't mind a pop-up nearly as much as the sites that start talking to me. I like to use my computer in near silence, I don't need their drivel.

    1. I just keep the sound turned off all the time anyway. YouTube videos with idiotic soundtracks are what I hate.

    2. I have my sound turned off all the time too but there are some sites that somehow get in an turn it on. It doesn't happen all the time but it is irritating and it makes me worry about computer security.

      Grace and peace.

  2. Popup pro installed in Chrome keeps them off of the "cube". At least it works for me, but then I have a people's PC, not a Mac.

    1. I find the pop-ups helpful. I refuse to patronize sites with pop-ups. I wouldn't know who to avoid if I had pop-up blocker. Actually, it is just my phone that shows pop-ups.
      I do like pop tarts.

  3. I too hate pop up ads. Had a real mess of them recently and had to get malwarebytes download to clean the malware off the system that was causing it.
    Not too concerned about liberals or conservatives at this time.

    1. I've been looking at the internet on my phone whilst driving in circles i the field. The google blogger app or iPhone is horrible. Makes it difficult to read other people's blogs in the way I like to read them.

    2. You could show up on the yamco scanner as a "wreckless" driver. :-)

    3. If I had a lisp it would be feckless farmer


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