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Monday, August 24, 2015

Man prosecuted for imaginary death ray gun, Major Wolfgang Hochstetter is quite proud!

Why would anyone want to hear about my boring life when other people's lives are so much more exciting.
I have been watching the local scanner page on Facebook with my iphone. Lots of local fires and crazy accidents. 
But I have a libertard Facebook friend (accidentally clicked on the friend button whilst perusing his paranoid liberal insanity-dude is a 35 year-old skateboarder which I find amusing) and he posted a link to the Crooks and Liars blog, and I clicked.
According to the FBI, it is possible to build a death ray device and according to the blog, being a "self-professed" KKK member means you can actually do it.

“Glendon Scott Crawford is a terrorist who would have used a weapon of mass destruction to kill innocent members of our Muslim community were it not for the good judgment of citizens who quickly alerted law enforcement to his diabolical plan and the outstanding work of the Albany FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force,” said United States Attorney Richard S. Hartunian  Captain Wolfgang Klink. “This case illustrates how vigilance, the shared values of Americans of all faiths, and vigorous investigation can defeat dehumanizing bigotry and hatred.”
(Click to read blog)

Be sure to read the comments below the article. Comedy gold, in a sad ironic sort of way. No one even considers that the weapon could miss-fire if you got really nervous and said "Kapow!" instead of "phew! phew!" when firing the alleged death-ray device.
I also was wondering about the "constructed using off the shelf components!" Is this off the shelf of Sears or Toy R Us or do they shop with the formerly evil Dr. Drew?
I did my research by googling indestructible and came up with a smaller death ray gun.
I would also like to know if anyone actually belongs to the KKK in the 21st century. I understand that in the mind of the average self-described Democrat everyone with a southern accent is a Klan member but in real life I suspect it is not so. I'd bet that at your average five person Klan rally four of the cars are gubment vehicles and the other guy rode his bicycle from the Southern Poverty Law Center to spy on the others. The reason for the four gubment cars is the infiltrators are from all different agencies which have fortunately not communicated about their covert operations.
And then one lone wacko inters the room.... And it is now a sting...
But, I digress...
I am protected, I'm wearing a funnel on my head!


  1. The KKK at least still thinks they have members. (not the kind that comes immediately to mind though) Ever check out their website?
    PS: They wear the same hat in the KKK, but reversed, small end down. It fits them better that way.

  2. Funny the democrats should worry about the Klan, considering that they started it.


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