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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I've been neglecting the Daily Strumpet.
It was been one hot summer in Oregon. We have had over twenty days of weather over 90 degrees. Everything is ready at the same time.
We did not replace the combine which burned up last year. We are using a Massey 750 and a White 8800. The Massey is not so bad. But it is nowhere near the capacity of a 1480 International.
Also, it is now so hot and dry we are just a little spooked by the possibility of fire. The White caught on fire numerous times combining peas. We have a water truck parked in the field at all times.
I've been stacking for the neighbors. I have baled very little so far.
My daughter has been helping me but I don't want her to bale by herself when it is so dry and hot. Plus, you can't bale two-tie straw and put it into an 80 bales stack you can pick up with squeeze when it is over 90 degrees. The straw just get fluffy and springy and you can't make a good bale.
No one else seems to care.
The one person I'm baling for bales all day long with two three tie balers. I can pick up the bales but the people who are hauling them are cursing me. It is not really my fault. I can stack just about anything. It doesn't make very good stacks but what am I suppose to do about it?
There has been a fire almost every day. Combines, stackers, mowers, random flames. My new housing development field had a five acre fire from a lawnmower. That is five acres less to bale.
Perhaps I will post some photos...
Today I daughter and I went to Antique Powerland.
I saw a friend from college and high school. He is now a school teacher. He does lego robotics with his kids and builds rockets. He told by daughter stories. I think I used to be a slightly different person.
Once we made up flyers advertising free beer and live music with the address of another friend of ours and gave them to the skateboarders in the local shopping mall. I had sort of forgotten about that particular event.
He also told be that Right Guard deodorant works as propellant in potato guns. I need to check that out.
I talked to him for an hour. After we left my daughter pointed out the large bugger hanging out of my nose. I picked it and offered it to her and she sort of freaked out. Oh well, I no longer have any pride anyway. Who really give a rat's bottom....
The only difference between Antique Powerland and our farm is that the tractors at Antique Powerland have good paint on them.
Tomorrow it is back to stacking for everyone else in the neighborhood. I've been calling people and giving up my straw fields. I need to find a different job...


  1. Always remember that every silver lining has a cloud. (Or at least all mine do.)

  2. And here I am complaining about the temperature getting into the high 70s. I guess I'll stop.


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