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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It is most likely going to rain in two days

In two days I will very likely have some 8,000 little straw bales setting (hopefully) in 80 bale blocks in various fields in a ten mile radius of my house.
This will be 10 semi truck loads of straw. I may do 14 truckloads if I have time. 
They are scheduled to be hauled Saturday, in the rain.
I did get everyone else's straw stacked for them. This is why I'm so late. The longest run of dry weather in history and I will get my straw rained on.
I do wish the person who asked me to stack ten truck loads a year for him would have considered that I also have my own commitments before he went ahead and baked 40 truckloads.
Or a least trained his baler operators to make decent bales.


  1. Wow, I feel for you. We just had 36 bales rolled (big ones, 1500 lbs.), and no rain for the last few weeks, but when it was time to bale them, it rained. Set everything back several days, very aggravating. We are going to trade out some of them for peanut hay, and that we will buy plastic wrapped. Sick of those bales falling apart. Moldy hay is NO BUENO.

    1. Peanut Hay? Give me a break, I'm from Iowa; Love peanuts/never heard of peanut hay.

    2. The round bales do shed a little water but I suppose it doesn't matter when they are baled a little wet. As someone who does custom hay for people I understand the frustration of waiting for someone else to bale your hay. I have one customer who is pretty mad at me. Says I don't take care of their hay. I says, you knew I was oversubscribed when you begged me to start doing your hay...

  2. Are you being a cynic or a realist?

    Grace and peace

    1. I thought I was a realist and now I realize I'm just a cynic.


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