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Friday, July 31, 2015

I thought this was a joke

I thought this was a parody of the "hate the sin/love the sinner" meme that goes around conservative Christian circles periodically.
It is as serious as a heart attack. Speaking of the cowardly lion. He got a new heart. Got one from planned parenthood.  It was free, the one spare part they don't get much call for.


  1. Black panther throwback?
    Planned parenthood? I'm waiting for the whole story. I also suspect that a fetus's heart could only only be used by a baby. Probably 'lion' on both sides.

  2. Oh I'm sure Planned Parenthood is as guilty as sin. Their founder was a great proponent of eugenics. For some reason liberals love to kill black babies. I mean the whole argument about abortion is over the third trimester. You wouldn't be getting body parts out of abortions if it they were early. If you can sell a body part then it is murder.


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