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Monday, July 27, 2015

Banjo player lives matter!

I walked into the house tonight to see a frightening sight on TV. A banjo player was holding the Vancouver SWAT team at bay. The police dog was even afraid to take him on. I swear the dog was howling instead of barking and salivating in their usual Former Soviet Union/Nazi/Fluffy puppy dog type of behavior.
Eventually one of the cops got up the nerve to shoot him with a rubber bullet and he dropped the banjo. Then of course, they all piled on him.
He was naturally charged with assault.
A banjo in the wrong hands is indeed a deadly weapon.
I was kind of hoping instead of a crisis negotiator they would have sent out a fiddle player or perhaps another banjo player and had a contest or a long hair dude in a flannel shirt would have started singing about death and sorrow.
Then they could have taken him down at after the bridge. Kind of like when the gun nut changes magazines.
Here is the link. (Click Here)
At least they didn't shoot or tazer him...

Update: I just saw the video again. One of the cops actually picked up the banjo and leaned it against the house so that it wouldn't be damaged in the ensuing struggle. One does need to be careful with a lethal weapon such as a barely in tune banjo...


  1. The devil's orchestra consists of banjos and bagpipes.

  2. it's a crazy world. someone ought to sell tickets...

  3. I guess the police should have had a guitar? You know, like in "Duelling Banjos". Ok that movie is probably over 40 years old now but it was the first thing came to mind.

  4. As I started to read this my first thought was that you had too much time in the sun on your cab-less M670 Super. Following the link (which I thought would be a trick perhaps to a 'foreign women' site) I saw it was a Fox news sight which is almost as good at making up stuff as a guy with too much time in the son. It appeared legitimate so I ordered a banjo through the Amazon link on your site.

  5. felony assault ? Ok, a bagpipe, accordion, or a french horn, but please, please..not a banjo! That should be a misdemeanor at the most.

  6. Least often used phrase in the entire world: "That's the banjo player's Porsche". Johnny Carson


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