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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why the South went racist after the Civil war, why we hate White Liberals, and why there is an affection for Innes Randolph

I did not mention how we feel about the biggest obstruction to personal freedom in the 21st century...
Robert E. Lee freed his slaves before the war, Mr. Grant kept his and may have started the famous quote, "Good Help is Hard to Find..." (a link to the debate)

Now I do tie a number of non-related topics together but it is food for thought...

Read this article about how people from a no longer valued social-economic group faced jail time even though they followed proper regulations.
Understand that the real reason the faced jail time was trespassing on the kings land.
Understand why we hate those rubber sandal wearing, privileged white liberals that tell us what to do.  This is the same attitude from the same bureaucracy that sent the Cherokee's on their long walk, gave small pox to the Indians, and did Syphillis experiments on black people.
Political affiliations may change for the same organization prevails.
Which brings me to another interesting little tidbit in the re-education of America. Perhaps we should call it our Cultural Revolution.

Now read this: Click Here
Tom Petty has disavowed the Battle Flag of Lee's Army. After making a lot of money off of it.
Now this is interesting, but he is of course, not from the South Anymore...

I quote from the lyrics to Rebel's, of his Southern Accents Album.
You know, the tour where he wore the flag like a cape?

"Even before my father's fathers
They called us all rebels
Burned our cornfields
And left our cities level
I can still see the eyes
Of those blue bellied devils
When I'm walking round tonight
Through the concrete and metal."

Tom Petty was from Southern Florida. He knew the flag, and he heard the stories of Reconstruction.
This song expresses the sentiments of a large group of Southerners better than anything I've ever heard. I have a certain affection for these people. I hate to see them disappear as a culture, just because they have become a Symbol of resistance to the clever white folk who run the country.
Tom says he doesn't want to hurt the feelings of Black People and with that I sympathize. There are a lot of problems with that flag as a symbol of the resistance.
However, I am amazed that the pressure that would cause him to give an interview disavowing his Southern Heritage.
It is called "Re-Education," we are all going to have to go through it.
Remember, it is your progressive friends and relatives that turn you in to the thought Police.

(no rebel flag in this video, YouTube has been scrubbed, down the memory hole..."

edit-If you were wondering my feelings on why the South went racist... Before Lincoln's war a free black man actually had certain rights as a citizen in the South, this did not always apply in the North. I say it is after reconstruction the hate began to build. My above commentary is meant to infer why and also help you understand why there is the slogan, "Yankee Go Home!" and why I now have sympathy for writers of the slogan...


  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd is coming here. I notice that the bill board on the 18 bypass has removed the confederate flag reference that has always been part of the logo.

    1. They stopped displaying the flag a year ago

  2. back in the day Management decided that everyone in the Big Tech Company that i worked for had to go to group therapy. together. they brought buses for everyone to go to an "offisite." these three things i will not do:

    1. any kind of group "therapy" that includes hugging and tearful confessions of my deepest thoughts.
    2. get on a bus to be retooled into a corporate stooge
    3. and apparently get the tshirt or mug that said "i got fixed at the offsite!"

    honestly. afterwards they came around giving out the mugs and i told them i was the one person that didnt go and so they took it back.

    after that there were a lot of tearful confessions about feelings and requests for hugs by my coworkers. i told them, as i have always done, that i was "paid to work with you and that is good enough." no hugs. no after hours activities. zero tearful confessions. get out of my office.

    you'd think that this would have damaged my career but honestly i made the biggest career moves at that company and i became kind of a legendary badass due to my nonconformity. bunch of lemmings.

    ps do you watch Last Man Standing? it's my hubs' favorite show now.

    1. My response to you could be a whole post but I'm using my iPhone.
      I applaud you for resisting.
      Secondly, I seldom watch TV. I am familiar with Hogans Heroes. Is it similar?

    2. HH's is my hubs 2nd favorite show. he just cant get enough of Col Klink. as to the rest - i will continue to resist stupidity.

  3. It was Southerner Andrew Jackson who arranged to send the Cherokee on the long walk, even if it was the Knickerbocker President who sent them. The Tuskegee syphilis experiment also took place down South. I think I've watched YouTube videos of Reverend Jeremiah Wright giving sermons about that.

    As far as those evil Yankees, many like several of my ancestors were from Southern families who had moved into the Midwest.

    I always laugh when I hear Yankee Go Home, since our family farm is only 4 miles from the Missouri border. Missouri did remain in the Union, but the Confederate battle flag does still have a star for it.

    The Civil War had a very odd ending, for a war. The defeated Southerners were just allowed to go home. That may have been the most humiliating part of all.

    I like to sing The Night They Drove Dixie Down in a mocking tone, maybe that's pure meanness.

    I think you gave away your location in your last post, so don't be surprised if you suffer a punitive raid from the reconstituted 4th Missouri Cavalry, once things cool off a bit.

    1. Half of Missouri were damn Yankees.. My folk are from southern Missoura.
      My first point was that gubment sponsored bureaucracy committed atrocities but I didn't do a very good job of it.
      I must say that any Yankee interlopers will be met with a fierce resistance including coffee and doughnuts at 10 am and 3 pm.
      Sometimes mr and ms collie guy (and collies) show up in September and there is an imaginary party called the semi annual strumpet stomp. A fiddle, a banjo. There could be a washtub bass, but I ran over it with the forklift...


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