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Monday, June 24, 2013

Can you spot the problem with this picture?

(Other than the hood not matching the rest of the truck and the need for a paint job.)


  1. Not raining, have to work? No banjo? No dancing girls? What's even right here?

  2. It appears you've now got a really nice curve in that extended hydraulic arm on the rear. Looks like the front one may be free and clear.

    When two guys are loading something heavy into the back of a truck and one guy drops his end, it's always the guy who held on who gets hurt worst.

  3. Reminds me of the line in that old John Conlee song "He's been working all week, he's got metal fatigue......."

    Oh, wait. That's mental, not metal.....but sometimes the latter causes the former!

  4. The problem is that it is not your neighbors cylinder that is cork screwed and that it is yours.

  5. The box (silage, forage?) looks to be twisted. But then it has been a long day and I am tired.

  6. Actually Collieguy had the answer. It is hard to be a lazy farmer when you have to work.
    Otherwise, somehow the box got stuck on the way down... Ouch!


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