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Saturday, June 1, 2013

GMO wheat for Nuclear Fallout? Will this balance our trade deficit?

Since Japan has been dosing us with radiation for two years, and now that all the fish on the West Coast are full of cesium, doncha think the Japanese could put up with a little GMO wheat?
What is it going to do, make us all glow a little less at night?
I'm not altogether happy with trading fake poison for real poison but ain't that how international trade is negotiated nowadays.
Toxic sheet rock, glow in the dark fish, GMO wheat, E-coli beef, mad cow, what's the USDA inspector for anyhow...
Have a nice day...
Think I'll go cut some radioactive hay got to keep that radioactive milk on the store shelves.
Speaking of radioactive milk and "see nothing, do nothing..."
I heard plenty of coffee shop talk about radioactive milk in the early days of the "crisis" and that was certainly kept on the down-low.
Getting sick from your imagination from eating GMO wheat is a much worse illness than dying from radiation ten years later.


  1. The bottom line is that we should never have had GMO OR nuclear reactors.

  2. It brings a new meaning to the term "nuclear family". Our children are glowing up in a new world.

  3. Great site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more.looking for more updates.


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